Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Many people feel like they are living with too much stress in their lives. The key is knowing when the balance has been tipped from healthy stress into the unhealthy state of chronic stress.

Adrenal fatigue is health condition caused when the body has been under severe stress for a period of time. Whilst the cause of stress may be known to the individual, other forms of ‘hidden’ stress, such as inflammation or ill health may also play a significant role in this condition.

Whilst a normal body copes well with smaller amounts of stress, our basic reaction to stress is the same as the body cannot differentiate between the life-threatening danger and everyday stress. 

Cortisol (our stress hormone) is necessary for a number of bodily functions including our get-up-and-go, blood pressure, immune function as well as being anti-inflammatory. However, having high levels of stress hormones can be as debilitating as low levels and can play havoc with our hormones as the body fights to stay in balance.

Adrenal fatigue and stress - Dominique Ludwig

Dutch testing may be helpful in looking at your daily cortisol rhythm to help give you an assessment of your overall stress levels and how this is affecting your health. It will also highlight how stress is affecting your oestrogen, progesterone or testosterone levels.

Lifestyle, dietary and sometimes nutritional supplements may be recommended to help improve symptoms of adrenal fatigue.