What is Metabolic Balance®?

What is Metabolic Balance ®?

Metabolic Balance ® is a unique nutrition and lifestyle programme that encourages successful and long term weight loss alongside an abundance of other health benefits. The structured part of the programme lasts around 3 months, however the positive life and dietary changes are designed to be followed for life. The programme was initially developed by Doctors, Gastroenterologists, Nutritionists and even IT specialists in Germany in 2002. Metabolic Balance® already has 15 years of academic and clinical research behind it and is and an award winning programme (Haward Health Award 2013). Over 400,000 people have already taken part in the programme since it began.


Who can it help?

Metabolic Balance® can be extremely helpful for anyone who wants to optimise their health, but is especially beneficial for any of the following conditions:

People following the programme almost always notice an improvement in their energy levels, well-being, skin tone and even mental clarity.

If clients don’t wish to lose weight the diet is adjusted accordingly to being one purely for metabolic adjustment, weight gain, preventative health and hormone regulation.

Metabolic Balance® is suitable for almost everyone, except for young children, pregnant or lactating women or those with kidney disorders.

Individual Perfection

What stands Metabolic Balance® apart from all other diet programmes, is that it is tailored to YOU. Each plan on Metabolic Balance® is different so that no two plans are ever the same. Creating of a plan takes many factors into consideration, such as: current health, medications, allergies, food preferences and most importantly 34 of your individual blood values. The blood analysis is extremely important to Metabolic Balance® and is vital to the success of the plan. It is not only the individual blood values that help to produce a Metabolic Balance® plan, but also the inter-relationship between all of the values which can determine underlying health issues as well as possible nutrient deficiencies or excesses. Foods are then selected that contain all the nutrients your body currently requires, as well as foods that will promote weight loss and improve overall health. Only the foods that you process best will appear on your plan which can result in improved digestion and less bloating. Also, since your body will not lack protein or any other nutrients, the so-called yo-yo effect is dramatically reduced, where weight increases as soon as a diet ends.

What makes Metabolic Balance® different from other weight loss programmes or diet trends?

Since Metabolic Balance® is not a one-size fits all approach, it can take personal variation into account. A typical plan tells you exactly which proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and fats you should be eating. It also tells you when to eat, exactly how much food you should consume per meal and in which combination.  Although scientifically quite complex, Metabolic Balance® has managed to put most of the information into 8 easy to follow rules, which really do become a way of life! The diet is therefore nutritionally sound and is definitely not a fad diet. It uses real food that you can buy at any supermarket or health food store. The foods all have a high nutritional content and are completely natural and unprocessed. There are no tricks involved such as shakes, diet foods, supplements or meal replacement bars – just sensible and nutritious foods! There is no going-hungry on the plan and because it there is so much choice, it doesn’t feel like a diet.

Individual coaching

No one should have to follow a diet, or in this case a metabolic adjustment on their own. Having the support and expertise of a trained coach has been shown to contribute to success. You will be supported at every stage of the programme and will receive 6 appointments in total and you can always extend this coaching if required.

What are the four phases?

The programme takes you through 4 different phases and you will be coached for a period of around 12 weeks. It starts with a 2 day cleansing of the gut, followed by a 14 day strict adjustment phase where the metabolism is reset. By this I mean that we adapt from having a mainly carbohydrate driven metabolism to one that works efficiently on fats. This means that our metabolism is better attuned to using our fat reserves as an energy source between meals and even as we sleep.  The 3rd phase encourages us to try new foods (whilst still following to the main rules) and to work out which foods really suit us and make us feel good. People also see how far they can modify their plan, whilst still maintaining all of the health benefits. The 4th phase is a maintenance plan, which we encourage people to follow for ever. The plan really is designed to teach us about the food we eat and how it affects our body.

How does it work?

Metabolic Balance® is based around a metabolic adjustment, whereby the metabolism is allowed to adjust back to its instinctive or natural state.  Metabolic Balance® targets specific hormones that, when not produced in their optimum levels, can create havoc with our weight, eating habits, energy levels, fat storage as well as our well-being.

Metabolic Balance® £1150

Metabolic Balance®

Price includes: Blood test at a professional Laboratory, production of your own personalised Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Plan and 6 appointments with myself over a 12 week period.

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