Personalised Nutrition

We are all biologically different and you are UNIQUE, so why would I want to treat everyone just the same. Nutritional Therapy uses a 360 approach to look at your health from every angle. Rather than just focusing on one area, it attempts to piece your health together and treat you as an individual.

I use a combination of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in my approach and clinics. I also use many techniques from applied functional medicine in my practices.

I sometimes describe Nutritional Therapy as a piece in a puzzle when it comes to our health. In almost all cases, health improves when people implement changes to their diet. Sometimes nutrition is the largest piece of the puzzle and the transformation to a person’s health can be incredible. Other times, I need to look harder at other pieces of the puzzle. At my clinics, I may use laboratory testing, such as genetic testing, advanced hormone testing, stool testing or food intolerance testing to understand what might be affecting your health.

Nutritional Therapy can complement other therapies and strives to discover the root cause of your health problems, rather than just treating the symptoms. I work closely together with a functionally trained GP and am happy to work with your favourite health care providers.

Personalised nutrition can put you back into the driving seat of your health and can help to empower people back to health.