Weight Loss: Helping you get to the root cause of your weight and health issues.

Do you lose weight only to find you have gained it back again soon afterwards? Weight gain can be so frustrating and sometimes it can feel like you have tried every diet possible yet nothing seems to be working long term. Working on the root cause of your weight problems can be more successful in the long term.

My programme taps into the way we are designed to eat food which means working with your body. Rather than eating a repetitive diet and feeling deprived, I show you how you can eat a wide range of foods, never feel hungry and eat plenty of healthy food. Most weight loss programmes tell you what to eat for a short period of time, then leave you slipping back into old habits. Renew Reset Recharge® cleverly transitions you from weight loss into everyday life. Everything on your programme becomes the basis for your new way of eating and as you move through the programme.

I help you build on the basics until you have a delicious way of eating that becomes your new way of life. This means that you are more likley than ever to keep the weight off permanently. Also Renew Reset Recharge® works on many levels and has been designed not only to help you shed a few pounds, but also to improve your overall health, energy levels, hormone balance and digestive health. You can even follow the programme if you just want to change the way you eat for a healthier lifestyle.

There is a way of losing weight without feeling deprived, hungry or miserable. My Renew Reset Recharge® Programme breaks this pattern for good by tackling weight loss from a completely different angle.



  • Eating plenty of healthy foods every day and still losing weight.
  • Not feeling hungry, but still burning fat.
  • Feeling energised, refreshed and better than ever before.
  • Eating delicious food every day and being inspired by healthy recipes.
  • Changing your lifestyle to become a healthier, happier YOU.
  • Never having to eat any low-fat or diet-foods again, yet maintaining your weight effortlessly?

We all know that most ‘diets’ don’t work. This is because they deprive the body of food, fuel and nutrients and that most diets are associated with deprivation and an imbalance of nutrients which can leave us feeling worse than we did before.

Renew Reset Recharge® works on the principles of how we are designed to eat. When we eat natural, nutrient rich foods in the right proportions our body feels immediately satiated and our appetite starts to regulate itself naturally so that we feel less hunger. At the same time it can also start to burn fat for energy instead of relying on a constant supply of carbohydrates.

Getting the Balance Right

Whilst Renew Reset Recharge® also gives you portion control, when we eat sufficient proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits and smaller amounts wholegrains our body may starts can to work more efficiently. This means that it is less likely to lay down excess fat in the adipose tissue (fat stores). Feeling full and satisfied after each meal is key to success and the start of a new YOU.

Tailored for you

Renew Reset Recharge® also gives you the right amount of food for YOU which means it will work as well for you as your partner, parents of friends!

 Your programme can be tailored to you as much as you like! You may just want to follow the online programme by yourself and join the weekly Zoom clinic OR;

1) You can spend an hour with me (either in person or via Zoom) personalising your programme with an add-on POWER HOUR. You will receive a mini report and supplement programme to help you on your journey.

2) I also offer multiple individual consultations to guide you personally through the programme, tailored to you at every step of the way.

3) I can also offer DNA Diet testing from DNA Life to really unlock the key to your metabolism.

Intermittent Fasting

Renew Reset Recharge® also uses some principles of intermittent fasting, but don’t worry, you won’t go hungry, because most of the time you are fasting you are asleep! However it may mean that you eat breakfast later or your evening meal earlier on one or more days of the week.

This is because intermittent fasting has been shown to boost our metabolism and improve blood sugar control. Balancing blood glucose levels is so important for people with blood sugar problems, elevated insulin levels, prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes.  This is because elevated glucose and insulin levels can obstruct our attempts to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting also stimulates the renewal and recycling of our body cells (called autophagy) and can make us feel renewed and re-energised. It may also help our gut bacteria flourish and to rebalance, leading to improved digestion and well-being.

A Food Plan to Guide You

You will receive a list of foods that you can eat. This list is abundant and gives so much choice that you could easily go for weeks without eating the same thing twice!  Each programme is easy to follow.  I will balance your proteins to healthy fats and wholegrains to ensure that your metabolism will stay fully charged.

Guided Meal plans

To make sure your programme works for you, I will tailor your programme to your health needs and give you a personalised 7 day plan to inspire you and help you keep to your programme. I will help you understand when the best times are for you to eat, so that you can plan your meals around this, and show you the times when you should be resting your metabolism.

I like to think of Renew Reset Recharge® as a giant reset button for the body and aim to teach you how to eat well on a daily basis, change the way you prepare food and put food on your plate for life.

Maintaining your results

I will slowly add in more foods and  start to make your programme completely normal. As you continue, you should find that you are able to maintain your health objectives easily without feeling deprived. My goal is to empower you to become the expert on your own health and body, so that you can enjoy delicious food every day and eat out effortlessly, both at home and abroad, whilst keeping your weight the same.

Hidden benefits?

The most amazing part of Renew Reset Recharge® is that your body may start to feel so much better on the programme. Many people find that long term health issues such as acid reflux, IBS or digestive issues, headaches, PMS and menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes may also start to improve on the programme.

Renew reset Recharge® is a way of life to help you feel amazing every day.