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Nutritional Advice

  1. Dominique Ludwig Nutrition (“DLN”) also registered as Nutrition Works has devised a nutrition programme, known as Renew Reset Recharge®. Dominique Ludwig Nutrition and Renew Reset Recharge® (“we”) provide dietary and well-being information for use as information or for educational purposes. We provide the information on (“the websites”) and as well as with and with whom we are affiliated.
  2. Dominique Ludwig Nutrition (“DLN”) who devised the nutritional programme entitled Renew Reset Recharge® which is also affiliated with Blessed Yoga Limited (“Blessed”) for the Transform Now TM, 28 day programme that combines the rigour of daily yoga and mentoring with nutritional advice. Dominique works as a Registered Nutritionist MBANT and Nutritionist MSc. DLN provide dietary and well-being information for use as information or for educational purposes. The information is principally provided on the following websites and / Extracts of DLN’s nutritional advice and/or testimonials are also included from time to time on and/or its founder’s personal website, All the foregoing website are referred to collectively as the “websites”.
  3. By purchasing RenewResetRecharge® you agree to these terms and conditions that govern all nutritional aspects of the Renew Reset Recharge® programme, and you represent that you have read and understood them. If you have any questions please raise these with Dominique Ludwig Nutrition before you start.
  4. The information contained on the websites and the resources available for download through any of them (such as without limit handouts, information or any part of Renew Reset Recharge®) are not intended to be, and shall not be understood or construed as, individual professional health advice. Neither DLN nor Blessed represent to you that any nutritional advice offered as part of Renew Reset Recharge® or Transform Now TM is suited to your specific health needs and it is not a substitute or alternative for medical advice. All information is given as general information only and you agree to take full responsibility for your health and wellbeing and your decision to follow the nutritional content is entirely at your own risk.
    If you have any specific health concerns that directly or indirectly affect your nutritional demands and resilience to dietary change then you must ask your doctor to consider the nutritional advice being offered as part of Renew Reset Recharge® and Transform Now (whether via the websites, specific course content or otherwise) and your doctor will advise what is appropriate and safe for your particular circumstances.
  1. Specifically but without limit to the above, you should not take part in this programme if you are under the age of 18, have an eating disorder of any kind, are pregnant or breastfeeding or are undergoing treatment for cancer, liver, heart of renal disease. If you have Type 1 or 2 diabetes and take medications for this or are taking medications for any other condition please also consult your doctor before starting the programme.
  2. Any advice given on the websites, advertising, playbook or any other information source connected with Renew Reset Recharge® and/or Transform Now TM is not designed to diagnose, cure or treat any illness. It is general advice only and is intended for people in good health.
  3. Any EBooks, nutritional material or advice downloaded from the DLN website is GENERAL advice only and you should speak to your GP or your health care professionals before making any changes to your diet or when taking supplements which may have contraindications.
  4. Do not change or stop any medication you are taking without the consent of your doctor and check with your doctor before adding in any supplements you may read about on any of the websites. Supplements, like medications can have contraindications.
  5. All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the nutritional information offered as part of Renew Reset Recharge®, (or which is otherwise available to you as part Transform Now TM programme or via the websites), is correct and up-to-date and reflects a reasoned view.
  6. Neither of DLN, Blessed and/or any person working with them (collectively “we”) shall be liable to you for any consequences which you allege to flow from the nutritional content offered in Renew Reset Recharge® or Transform Now TM, on the websites and/or by another means howsoever. We do not take any responsibility for your healthcare as the nutritional content is a generalised food programme and cannot be personalised in an online setting as that being offered as part of the Renew Reset Recharge® or Transform Now TM programmes. Any advice given, either written or verbally, will only ever be generalised and not specific to an individual’s personal needs. By taking part in Renew Reset Recharge® you agree to take full responsibility for yourself and your health, if any doubt you should not participate in Renew Reset Recharge® or Transform Now TM programmes. You agree that we shall not be liable to you for any type of loss, including direct and indirect losses alleged by you to flow from the nutritional content offered in Renew Reset Recharge® and Transform Now TM.
  7. You acknowledge that by taking part in the Renew Reset Recharge® programme there is no professional-client relationship between you and Dominique Ludwig and/or Blessed.
  8. Renew Reset Recharge® may change its format, pricing, zoom availability over time depending on market needs. The programme may be subject to change at any time.
  9. Endorsements mentioned on the websites, social media or with any of DLN, Renew Reset Recharge® and/or Blessed are provided in goodwill and will no affiliations owed to particular companies. Certain food recommendations, such as protein powders may have a commission attached. It is up to you to make your own determination about any products, services, coach, consultant or experts or where to purchase.
  10. You may find client testimonials on any of the websites concerning the nutritional impact of products and services offered by DLN via Renew Reset Recharge® and/or Transform Now TM. The testimonials are actual statements made by clients and/or customers and represent their content accurately. You acknowledge that the testimonials concern individual reactions to nutritional change and are not a guarantee of results.
  11. These terms and conditions are subject to English Law.
  12. The parties to this agreement shall be you, Dominique Ludwig Nutrition, Blessed Yoga Limited Dominique Ludwig, and all of their respective directors and employees. The effective date of this agreement shall be the date you acknowledge and agree the terms by clicking on the website.