Three days off will give your liver time to repair and heal itself, says the nutritionist Dominique Ludwig. And while a moderate amount of alcohol can make you feel good, too much too often sends lots of brain chemicals off kilter and produces a pro-inflammatory response. “I recommend that my clients have 3-4 alcohol-free days every week but not to consume all of their units in a couple of days at the weekend,” Ludwig says. “It means they are also consuming fewer calories than they would if they drank every day.”

Gin and tonic or vodka and soda are “the supermodel’s drinks of choice for a reason”, being low in calories and carbs, says Ludwig. A 25ml shot of gin provides 53 calories and the same size serving of 40 per cent ABV vodka contains 55 calories.Tequila contains about 65 calories per 25ml shot. “A single measure on the rocks is your best choice or add low-sugar tonic water,” she says. “Regular tonic water contains about 90 calories per serving.

“For consumers who enjoy an occasional glass of cider in the evening, they can rest assured that they are also getting a pretty healthy dose of antioxidants,” the researchers wrote. ”Another study in Food Bioscience suggested that cider has as many antioxidants as red wine and more than orange juice. “You’d be far better off eating the apple, of course,” Ludwig says. “But relatively speaking cider does contain a good shot of antioxidants.”

There is very little to recommend beer, says Ludwig. “Many people find it makes them bloated and a high intake has been shown to cause abdominal obesity or belly fat,” she says. “It contains very low amounts of nutrients.”