Functional Testing

Laboratory Packages

Sometimes there is a need for a more investigative approach. This is always optional, but can offer more information about current health, nutritional status, food intolerances and digestive wellness. The prices include the test kit, interpretation of results, a 45 minute consultation (except for food intolerance testing), supplement programme and, where appropriate, a written report to support your understanding.  You will, of course, be given a copy of your test results to share with your GP or other health care practitioner. Although many tests are available, the most commonly requested are as follows.

Food Intolerance Testing – £299

This food intolerance assessment is based on a comprehensive blood test that assesses your sensitivity to certain foods. This test is normally done as an add-on to a consultation as careful planning is required to balance the diet. Price excludes consultation and the cost of any supplements.

Symptoms of food intolerance can be diverse and can include:  abdominal pain, joint pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, headaches, migraines, hyperactivity, rashes, rhinitis, sinusitis, tiredness and weight gain.

Your blood will be tested against 150 common foods. Your results will be given in order of severity showing you clearly which foods you definitely need to avoid, which foods you need to rotate and which foods you can eat freely.  This test looks at IgG Antibodies which are made by the body in response to some foods. IgG reactions can cause an immediate or a delayed reaction, making them difficult to identify without laboratory testing. When completed, the test can be returned by post to the laboratory for analysis.

What to expect?

  • You will be given a home test kit which involves a simple pin-prick blood collection.
  • The kit can be returned FIRST CLASS to the laboratory by post
  • You will receive detailed information about the foods to which you are intolerant as well as a protocol about how to replace these foods healthily in the diet. Care is always taken to ensure that the diet remains nutritionally balanced, even when foods need to be excluded.
  • If you require a consultation to support this test, these cost £87.50 and last 45 minutes.

Please note: This test will not pick up IgE allergies, lactose intolerance, histamine intolerance, fructose intolerance or coeliac disease. These can be tested for separately.

Digestive Function Test

This test is one of the best digestive function tests available. It offers important information about digestive health throughout the entire digestive tract. This test looks at the gut flora, inflammation, integrity of the gut wall as well as digestion and absorption. It also tests for the presence of any parasites, pathogenic bacteria, amoebas, protozoa, candida and yeasts. Alongside the test kit, you will receive a 60 minute consultation to help you interpret your results with a targeted nutrition protocol.

What is included in the test?

  • Digestion and absorption (pancreatic elastase, SCFA, Metabolic Markers, products of protein and fat breakdown)
  • Inflammatory markers (Calprotectin, Eosinophil X, Faecal SigA)
  • Colon Health (DNA analysis of gut bacteria)
  • Bacterial diversity and Dysbiosis (levels of beneficial bacteria)
  • Parasitic investigation (candida, parasites, bacteria, amoeba and protozoa)
  • Bacterial and Yeast sensitivity – natural and prescriptive agents tested against pathogens

What to expect?

  • You will be sent a home test kit with full instructions. This test requires a 3 day stool collection.
  • On completion the results must be sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results will be sent to your practitioner for interpretation.
  • If you have not already filled out a nutrition and health questionnaire, you will be required to do so before your appointment.
  • You will receive a 60  minute appointment to go through your results in which you will receive nutrition advice a supplement programme (if appropriate) and a targeted action plan.
  • If necessary, follow-up consultations are charge at the normal rate.

Note: Stool test kits must be returned to the laboratory Monday to Friday BEFORE 1.00pm. Any samples sent after 1.00pm on a Friday will not be tested and risk being rejected by the laboratory. Please also observe public holidays when the laboratory may also be closed.

Adrenal Stress Test

A stress test is a simple way to discover if stress could be affecting your overall health and can help you determine any nutritional steps you can take in order to improve your stress tolerance. The Adrenal Stress Test includes a test kit as well as a 45-minute nutrition consultation where you will be given nutrition and lifestyle advice as well as a supplement plan (if appropriate). This price does not include any additional supplements that may be recommended.

Stress is unfortunately an integral part of ‘modern’ life. Stress may arise from environmental, emotional or physiological causes. The adrenal hormones cortisol and DHEA are critical to allow the body to adapt to stress. If cortisol and /or DHEA become unbalanced, we can lose the ability to adapt effectively to stress. Abnormal levels can contribute to digestive health, immune function, bone health, mood and energy levels.

By making nutritional adjustments, it may be possible to support the body at times of stress by ensuring that the correct foods are eaten in the right quantities. Supplements may also be recommended to support and re-balance the body at a time when nutrient requirements are higher than normal.

What to expect?

  • You will be given a test kit to use at home with full instructions
  • Four saliva samples are collected over a 1 day period at 8.00am, noon, 4.00pm and midnight. Cortisol is measured in all four samples to reveal its circadian rhythm and DHEA at 8.00am
  • The test kit is sent to the laboratory for analysis and returned to your practitioner for analysis.
  • If you have not already filled out a nutrition and health questionnaire, you will be required to do so before your appointment.
  • You will receive a 45 minute consultation where your results will be fully explained. You will be given personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice based on your findings. If appropriate you will receive a supplement plan to assist your programme.
  • If necessary, follow-up consultations are charged at the normal rate.