My Philosophy is about helping you feel happy, healthy, energised and balanced. I use real food that is bursting with nutrients to help you feel your best. Eating food has the power to nourish our body or to promote ill-health, so it makes sense to be eating the food that makes us feel our best.

I like food to be simple, delicious and inspiring and want you to feel incredible. Food is one of life pure pleasures and I will show you how many foods you can still enjoy so that you never feel deprived. We live in an environment where food is abundant and where food choice has never been more plentiful. Yet in the midst of this, we are faced with the daily struggle of interpreting food labels and making sense of confusing media headlines. I generally work with a ‘back to basics’ approach, encouraging simple, fresh and nutritious meals, which supply sufficient nutrients to support optimum health for the present and for the future.

My mission is to help you eat well and to make the necessary lifestyle changes for a healthier way of eating and living. I like my recipes to be easy and fast to prepare so it fits into your everyday life and is easy to follow.

You may have a specific health concern, or simply want to improve your overall health and well-being. Whether you are flexitarian, vegetarian, plant-based or pegan, I have the perfect food plan for YOU!