Nutrition Consultations

Are you eating the right foods for your body? 

How I work

My consultations can help support you through a number of different health conditions.

I offer nutrition consultations that are personalised to your needs. I have helped people in all walks of life tackle existing health problems, lose weight or improve their health with nutrition.

My nutrition appointments take your current health, your lifestyle as well as your individuality into consideration. My programmes are adapted to YOU and take into account all your existing health problems or conditions to help you reach your goals in more than one health area at the same time.

I look at you as an individual as opposed to focusing only on your condition or disease. People may have the same condition, however their triggers may be very different. Your body is unique and your therapy should reflect this.

Before your consultation, I ask you to fill out a detailed health and nutrition questionnaire as well as a 3 day food diary. This is returned to me a few days before your appointment. I go through this with you during your first consultation. I take into account your medical history, your symptoms, diet, digestive health as well as stress, environment and lifestyle factors to assess your health.  I may also use laboratory testing such as blood tests, stool tests, hormone tests and even genetic testing should it be necessary.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes long. Often you have a long story and have been to see a lot of practitioners, so it is really important to let you explain your symptoms and history carefully. I really want to understand what YOU want to achieve and what your goals are to set a manageable plan for you.

During the consultation you will receive a 7 day food plan, handouts, recipes, a supplement programme (if desired) and a written report.

Follow ups are usually 45 minutes long initially reducing to 30 minutes as you move through your programme.  Most people benefit from 3-5 appointments, depending on the complexity.