Nutrition Talk 90 minutes A Deep Dive into Protein and Blood Sugars

£20.00 (inc. VAT)

This talk is interactive and covers topics such as:

  • Understanding daily protein needs: Cutting through the confusion.
  • Exploring the protein content in everyday foods
  • Why we should be prioritising protein at breakfast, the latest science and how to achieve it.
  • Food and Mood, how protein and carbohydrates can affect our energy, our focus, our mood, our weight and even our hormones!
  • Debunking myths about blood sugar monitors: Should we all be wearing them?
  • Carbohydrates and where the sugars are lurking.
  • Strategies for achieving ultimate food confidence and freedom.
  • Handout distribution: Protein requirement tables, simple recipes, and supporting factsheets for all attendees.

A live recording of a talk given at a Blessed Yoga Retreat Day in Chichester. Dominique summarises the latest research on protein and why current guidelines might need reassessing. With recent concerns regarding blood sugar monitors, Dominique makes sense of the current blood sugar hysteria, blood sugar monitors and how to achieve ultimate food confidence and food freedom.


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