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Plant Based Living

These EBooks will help you navigate eating a plant based or mostly plant based diet now and forever.  Dominique Ludwig is an expert Nutritionist with over 14 years clinical experience and a string of star studded clients. She has put together a fully referenced Plant Based Living – Your Nutrition EBook and E-recipe book to help you on your journey.

Plant Based Living – Your Nutrition

A valuable and beautiful presented Nutritionist Approved Guide to following a plant based diet. This guide is one you can trust and comes fully referenced to give you the facts from the fiction! You will learn how to balance your diet, which plant based foods are best and which nutrients you need to take care with, which ones you might need to supplement and where you can find them. With lots of handy tips to make your plant based diet even healthier. A guide you don’t want to be without!

Plant Based Living Recipes.

This recipe EBook gives you over 60 pages of healthy recipes that you can make quickly and easily from scratch. They have been balanced to give you the correct amount of protein/fats/carbs to keep energy and nutrient levels high. So many vegan recipes are low in protein and high in processed carbs which means you can miss out on valuable nutrients and be left feeling hungry. These recipes are different, they are designed to fill you up, are quick to prepare and many of the recipes can be frozen or taken with you as a packed lunch and all are made from natural ingredients. The EBook contains breakfasts, mains, soups, vegetable ideas, snacks and treats.

BONUS 7 Day Meal Planner and Meal Builder Guide

These are both completely FREE when you purchase the Nutrition Guide together with the recipes. The 7-day meal planner shows you how you can incorporate the recipes into a healthy balanced meal plan and gives you a FREE empty meal planner that you can keep and print every week. The Plant Based Meal Builder shows you how you be assured that every plant based you eat is completely balanced and healthy.

2 reviews for Plant based living – nutrition bundle

  1. Nicola

    Really helpful and clear. The recipes are delicious and genuinely easy to make – special mention to the cashew smoothie which has become a daily fixture in our house!

  2. Henrietta Abel Smith (verified owner)

    Better than any cook book, this has all the advice needed for healthy and balanced plant based living. The recipes are easy and delicious and actually quite exciting unlike so many boring vegan recipes. This has helped me move into a more plant focused diet with ease.

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