Power Hour


This is a fast-paced Power Hour to help personalise your Renew Reset Recharge® programme to you, your body and your lifestyle.

It is an opportunity to get even MORE out of the programme, ask any questions before you start, and help give you the confidence you need to start the programme. You can choose the power hour with both the ONLINE and the COACHED + packages.


This is an opportunity to have a one to one, single appointment with Dominique. During this hour, she will understand more about your current health, your medical history and most importantly your currnet diet. Dominique will personalise your Renew Reset Recharge® programme for you based on your dietary preferences (vegetarian, pescatarian or simply likes/ dislikes), food allergies or intolerances as well as diving into other health concerns that you have.

Dominique will give you supplementary information, factsheets, special recipes and Ebooks to help you. ON request, she can also devise a nutritional supplement programme for you, based on your current health and any medications you are taking.

*You will be asked to fill in a Health and Diet questionnaire and Food Diary prior to your appointment so that Dominique can cover any preliminary work and you can both hit the decks running for your own personalised power hour.


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