Renew Reset Recharge® – 28 day programme


Are you ready to Renew, Reset and Recharge® your body?



Available Now – 28 day Renew Reset Recharge®- a complete and proven Nutrition Programme to improve the way you feel, help you lose weight easily and maintain your weight effortlessly.

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You complete Renew Reset Recharge® programme contains the following:

Week One

o Your complete Renew Reset Recharge® programme, written in a way that is easy to understand and follow
o Your own weights and measures
o The principles of the programme
o 4 beautifully photographed Recipe Ebooks to give you ideas for Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners, creative Vegetable ideas as well as filling Soups
o How to create your meals
o What to eat and what to avoid
o A two week meal planner to help get you started
o Empty meal planners for you to fill out at home
o Progress chart
o Tips to navigate the programme
o Your principles explained
o MOTIVATION. Just in case you need it!
o Help if you are dairy or gluten-free
o Short videos

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30. This is available to anyone who has purchased the programme.

Week Two

  • Bonus Recipes
  • Check in on how you are feeling?
  • Nutrition Lesson: 'Good Carbs vs No Carbs'
  • Intermittent fasting explained
  • The truth about snacking

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30

Week 3

  • Bonus Recipes
  • New Meal planner
  • Superfoods
  • Nutrition Lesson: 'Fats and oils - how everything we know might be wrong!'
  • Fancy a night off?

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30

Week 4

  • Bonus recipes
  • Nutrition Lesson: 'Understanding Proteins'
  • Calories and why we dont count them
  • Making Renew Reset Recharge® a way of life video
  • Making Renew Reset Recharge® a way of life Ebook

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30

If you are still uncertain then let me invite you to do a 3 day trial to give you a taste of the benefits that the course will provide.

In the 3 day trial pack you will find an instruction booklet, 3 days of delicious recipe suggestions and a 3 day meal planner to help you organise your nutrition 

If you want to try before you buy then access it by using the link below.

17 reviews for Renew Reset Recharge® - 28 day programme

  1. Adrienne Copeland (verified owner)

    I feel new! I feel set for the future! And, I feel in charge! The Renew Reset Recharge course has given me the tools to make fantastic positive changes to my health and wellbeing. At 56, I was struggling with a number of niggling health issues – the worst of which was that I was teetering on the edge of Type II Diabetes! I now feel so much improvement and no longer experience the awful lethargy of a high carb diet. It’s like my tastebuds have been reset too. I lost 15lbs in 28 days WOW. I am now more energetic. The horrible brain fog feeling has completely disappeared. My sleep feels more restorative. My concentration is improved, and, the morning joint stiffness is gone. This is a glowing review – because, I couldn’t be happier that I did this. I intend to keep this plan part of my daily life. I know I can now have little ‘extras’ but the way forward is with Renew Reset Recharge at the core of all my meals. PS: the recipes are so good ?

  2. Sophie Martinez (verified owner)

    I have been following this life style changing food programme for 2 weeks now, I feel completely energised, and realise that I actually LOVE the science behind this system, I find my relationship with food now to be a voyage of delicious discovery. I have not had my lunch time energy dip since DAY 1 !!! PLUS I am losing weight without realising. Thanks Dom XXXXX

  3. Taina, London (verified owner)

    This is an easy to follow, energising and effective programme that helped me regain my lost energy levels and loose the weight I needed (7Kg in 28 days). I highly recommned Dominique’s nutrition expert advice.

  4. Sarah king (verified owner)

    I love this programme. Renew Restart Reset has so many delicious recipes.

    I have been following the programme for nearly 6 weeks with great results for losing a few lbs and it has given me so much more energy.

    Dominique guides you all the way with masses of tips and zoom calls once a week. I have totally changed my way of eating and will not go back.

    RRR Is definitely life changing thank you Dominique.

  5. Sharon Allen (verified owner)

    “I thought I was living healthily but realise after completing the RRR programme that I’d got it all wrong. It all makes sense now. The first week wasn’t easy but by week 2 I was sleeping better and feeling energised. I have enjoyed trying new recipes and have completely changed my eating habits. After the 4 week programme I have lost 3 kg and a waistline that is under the 30 inch mark for the first time in 18 years! It is never too late to make positive changes for a healthier future. RRR is an easy to follow programme with lots of support and encouraging advice from Dominique. Give it a try – it will change the way you think about food”.

  6. Holly (verified owner)

    AMAZING!! Love the programme! All the recipes have been delicious and super easy to follow. The plan is manageable for me to incorporate in my day-to-day life which for me means it doesn’t feel like a diet. I have been following Dominique’s plan now for 3 weeks and the difference is crazy, I feel like I have so much more energy than before. I would defiantly recommend Renew, Reset, Recharge to anyone who is struggling with their weight and wanting help with nutrition. This is by far the best plan I have followed.

  7. Kerry (verified owner)

    Renew, Reset, Recharge does exactly that. This programme delivers on all levels whether your goal is weight loss or like me you want to focus on healthy eating. I have found the programme to be highly effective, educational and easy to follow. Dominique’s weekly Zoom calls are genius. They are hugely supportive as she can quickly help with any queries, keep you motivated and are packed with tips, tricks and her vast knowledge. If you want to change some habits, feel lighter and more balanced then this course is for you. You’ll love it.

  8. Dee Baird (verified owner)

    Renew, Reset, Recharge is a fantastic programme! You don’t think of yourself to be on a diet, as you aren’t denied volume of food. The amount you can eat is really surprising, and its totally dependant on your height & weight, so totally unique to you. I’ve just come to the end of the 28 days, and I’m full up at the end of each meal, I feel healthy, have developed some great habits, which I feel confident that I can keep up into everyday life! Dominique offers great support, and provides you with so much science and information, that you can’t help but make the right choices!! Thanks Dominique!!

  9. Gemma Aurelius (verified owner)

    I have wanted to do this course for a while now and I was so pleased when Dominique launched the 28 day online programme. I have a job that keeps me extremely busy so I felt it was easier to go at my pace using this programme. I have tried various diets in the past which has worked for a few months then slowly but surely the weight has crept up again. I was initially over whelmed with the programme as there was so much content to look over but actually when you break it down, as Dominique has done, its AMAZING! Its such a simple program yet has massive impact. I really feel like I am not on a diet, I wake up wanting a smoothie rather than a fried breakfast. Its made me obsessed with eating vegetables, I even have my husband eating cauliflower rice which I never thought would happen. I have lost 8 lbs so far and feel like I have so much more energy and feel more inspired to cook healthy food. I can’t thank you enough Dominique, this programme will set you up for the life rather than just a few months.

  10. Tosh Brittan (verified owner)

    Love this programme! Dominique walks her talk, I have felt so great and especially knowing that this programme is covering all nutritional bases that I am in good and very trusted hands.

  11. Sarah Mcculloch (verified owner)

    Sarah, Midhurst. – 07/02/2021
    I love this programme. Dominique gives you the science and the knowledge as to why it is important to eat this way and this makes it so much easier to follow, as it makes sense. The recipes are delicious and inspiring as well as straight forward. You get a lot of information for your money as well as a lot of support with the emails and weekly zoom calls. I actually feel really excited about following this programme as it feels like something I want to do as opposed to should do. My aim is to lose weight, increase energy and health and so far Im right on track having already lost weight. I would highly recommend this programme, I wish I had known about it sooner!

  12. Fiona (verified owner)

    So much more energy!! The programme is easy, handouts high quality and I can easily adapt recipes for my family! Also I have found the zoom meetings very helpful, keeping everything on track – a really great few weeks, thanks Dom!!

  13. Flavie Whetman (verified owner)

    This programme is really life changing! Not only have I regained a lot of energy, sleep better and have a lot less disruptions in my day to day digestion, but I have relearnt to eat more healthily and stop snacking (I have even stopped drinking so much coffee!). I have started to lose weight, with minimum effort, and feel positive about the change to my diet.

    The RRR programme is easy to follow, the recipes are delicious and there is plenty of variety. Importantly, I am really happy to have gained tons of knowledge and understanding to support the changes to my diet and how best to respond to my body’s needs. Most of all, I have been extremely well supported all along with personal advice, easy communication and a friendly smile. Thank you Dominique for this amazing programme and sharing your passion and expertise with me.

  14. Jane Haydon (verified owner)

    I’ve only done one week of RRR and already lost 2Kg.
    I’m loving all the recipes and the principles are so easy to follow I know that I’ll be able to maintain them for life.
    I was a grazer but since starting RRR I haven’t felt the need to snack between meals at all!
    I feel so well doing this program – I can’t wait for the next three weeks to see what Dominique has in store for me.
    I would thoroughly recommend Renew, Reset, Recharge to anyone whether you are looking to lose weight or just feel great again!
    Thank you Dominique.

  15. Katrina (verified owner)

    Renew Reset Recharge is such as great new programme. The new recipes and information have been so helpful.

  16. Sophia (verified owner)

    This program is different! I have tried every diet under the sun and this isn’t just a diet but a new way of living. Dominique explains the science really well, the recipes are super delicious and easy to prepare and so far I have lost 10kgs without any effort or ever going hungry.
    Absolutely life changing and worth every penny.

  17. Sheila White (verified owner)

    I love the fact that Dominique gives different food allowances depending on your body weight and because she explains the science behind things such as not eating between meals, it is much easier to stick to this. Even if you have previously found it difficult to lose weight, Renew, Reset, Recharge will work and you will soon feel amazingly clear headed and full of energy. It is wonderful that this programme is now so accessible.

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