Roasted Vegetable, Feta and Puy Lentil Salad

Roasted Vegetable , Feta and Puy Lentil  Salad


A perfectly filling salad for Renew Reset Recharge® using a combination of two proteins; Puy lentils and Feta. The sweetness of the roasted beetroot and carrots compliments the tanginess of the feta, making it a winning combo. My son, Alex is a great cook and cooked this up for me one day after work. I have adapted it to balance out the proteins, fats and carbs so you don’t need to even think about it!

Again, by mixing up proteins, it is possible to still enjoy animal proteins, while also eating more plants, which is good for us and the environment. To make this completely plant-based, simply use all lentils or replace the feta cheese with toasted nuts / extra walnuts.

You will see that I have adjusted the protein amounts to allow for your personal protein portion sizes.




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