Diets don’t work

This is different…

Renew Reset Recharge®


This programme delivers on all levels whether your goal is weight loss or you just want to focus on healthy eating. I have found the programme to be highly effective, educational and easy to follow. You’ll love it.

Kerry, Chichester

Available Now – 28 day Renew Reset Recharge®- a complete and proven Nutrition Programme to improve the way you feel, help you lose weight easily and maintain your weight effortlessly.

What is Renew Reset Recharge®?

What makes Renew Reset Recharge® different?

Renew Reset Recharge® is a nutrition programme, nutrition course, weight loss and lifestyle programme all rolled into one. What is different is that it shows you exactly how to turn this way of eating into a healthy way of life, making it easier to maintain your weight afterwards.

You get different amounts of food depending on you size so it is personalised. This is paramount to its success.

It shows you that making small changes quickly becomes second nature. Most people feel so amazing that they carry this healthy lifestyle permanently.

You will have plenty of easy recipes to get you started, but also encouraged to adapt your own recipes too using the principles. You can then follow Renew Reset Recharge® in any situation and any meal. It really is that easy!


Intermittent fasting allows the body to repair and regenerate when it is not digesting food. But don’t worry, you will not go hungry!


The aim of Renew Reset Recharge® is to reset your blood sugars, your metabolism, your ability to burn body fat, your hormones and your digestion.


Eating a diversity of nutrient dense foods can maximise energy levels, immunity, sleep and mood.

What is Renew Reset Recharge®?

This programme is DIFFERENT. It is a successful food lifestyle programme, that also helps people lose weight easily without deprivation. The programme gives you the tools you need for life to find your balance, lose weight and feel healthier, happier and more in control of your diet and health – for good.

For a food plan to work well, it needs to be EASY and SUSTAINABLE. That is what makes Renew Reset Recharge® so incredible.  Once you have understood the principles, there will be no stopping you!

There are no points, no sins and there is absolutely NO calorie counting, just REAL food. It has been created to help you feel energised, balanced, rejuvenated and refreshed!

Hi there, I'm Dominique

And I am the founder of Renew Reset Recharge®. My curiosity in nutrition started over 27 years ago when I studied Nutrition at Kings College, London. Since then I have never stopped learning and qualified as a Nutritional Therapist 14 years ago (Registered Nutritionist mBANT) as well as being a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). I am also a nutrigenomics (Nutrition and DNA Expert) and have my own clinic; Dominique Ludwig Nutrition as well as being Head of Nutrition at Meyer Clinic in Chichester. I am regularly featured in the media (The Times, Times2, Radio 4). I am lucky to have a number of Hollywood actresses, popstars, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes among my clients.

What are people saying about

Renew Reset Recharge­®

I love this programme. Dominique gives you the science and the knowledge which makes so much sense and it’s easy to follow. You get a lot of information as well as plenty of support, daily content and the weekly zoom calls. I would highly recommend this programme. I only wish I had known about it sooner!

Sarah, Midhurst

 “Dominique has done an amazing job of breaking down a complex programme into something so simple. I have lost 8 lbs so far and feel like I have so much more energy. Such a simple programme with a massive impact that will set you up for the life. I cannot thank you enough.”

Gemma, Wales

“AMAZING!! Love the programme! All the recipes have been delicious and super easy to follow. , I feel like I have so much more energy than before. I would defiantly recommend Renew, Reset, Recharge to anyone who is struggling with their weight and wanting help with nutrition. This is by far the best plan I have followed”

Holly, Chichester

“Love this programme! Dominique walks her talk, I have felt so great and especially knowing that this programme is covering all nutritional bases. I know I am in good and very trusted hands.”

Natasha, Petersfield

This programme is different! I have tried every diet under the sun and this isn’t just a diet but a new way of living. Dominique explains the science really well, the recipes are delicious and easy to prepare and so far I have lost 10kgs without any effort or ever going hungry. Absolutely life changing and worth every penny.”

Sophia, Munich

What is included on the Renew Reset Recharge® 28 day programme?

You will receive:

Your complete Renew Reset Recharge® programme contains the following:

Week One

o Your complete Renew Reset Recharge® programme, written in a way that is easy to understand and follow
o Your own weights and measures
o The principles of the programme
o 4 beautifully photographed Recipe Ebooks to give you ideas for Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners, creative Vegetable ideas as well as filling Soups
o How to create your meals
o What to eat and what to avoid
o A two week meal planner to help get you started
o Empty meal planners for you to fill out at home
o Progress chart
o Tips to navigate the programme
o Your principles explained
o MOTIVATION. Just in case you need it!
o Help if you are dairy or gluten-free
o Short videos

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30! This is open to anyone who has purchased the programme and can be continued for as long as you like after you have finished!

Week Two

  • Bonus Recipes
  • Check in on how you are feeling?
  • Nutrition Lesson: ‘Good Carbs vs No Carbs’
  • Intermittent fasting explained
  • The truth about snacking

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30!

Week 3

  • Bonus Recipes
  • New Meal planner
  • Superfoods
  • Nutrition Lesson: ‘Fats and oils – how everything we know might be wrong!’
  • Fancy a night off?

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30!


Week 4

  • Bonus recipes
  • Nutrition Lesson: ‘Understanding Proteins’
  • Calories and why we dont count them
  • Making Renew Reset Recharge® a way of life video
  • Making Renew Reset Recharge® a way of life Ebook

PLUS: the opportunity to join a weekly Zoom Nutrition Clinic every Wednesday at 12.30!

Need a sneak preview?

 At the end of the programme, you can continue with the weekly Zoom clinics to keep you motivated while you reach your goal.

It’s all about you

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! If you feel that you would benefit from a completely personalised approach, I also offer Renew Reset Recharge® as a coached programme with 5, 7 or even 9 appointments with myself either in person or via Zoom. I will completely customise your programme to YOU taking your health, your symptoms and your dietary preferences into account. Each appointment will assess your progress, make amendments to your plan and supplement programme, all with your needs at heart.

Power hour

POWER HOUR. You can also book a personalised Nutrition Power Hour with me at the checkout. At this appointment, I will find out more about you and tailor your plan so that you get the most out of it!