A lifestyle not a diet…

You deserve to feel great every day

“The Programme delivers on all levels whether your goal is weight loss or you just want to focus on healthy eating. Renew Reset Recharge® is highly effective, educational and easy-to-follow.”

Kerry, Chichester

Transform your body • Lose weight easily • Increase your energy • Balance your hormones

Improve your digestion • Never go hungry • Lifestyle not diet • Plenty of food

Guided programme • Change how you eat forever • Tried and tested

Easy to follow • Delicious Recipes. Big Results with simple changes • Definitely NOT boring

Choose your Renew Reset Recharge® plan.


This is the complete 28 day
online programme (no restrictions) sent to your inbox every week for 4 weeks. Go at your own pace with all the helpers, planners and recipes.

Renew Reset Recharge® 28 day complete online Nutrition Programme

This package gives you complete and unlimited access to the entire online 28 day nutrition programme.

This includes weekly material, and includes factsheets, meal planners, 7 recipe Ebooks, videos, and plenty of nutrition factsheets and practical advice.

You will be guided through the programme with new material arriving directly to your inbox, just when you need it.

Coached +

The complete 28 day
online programme with
8 weekly coached
group ZOOM calls.


Renew Reset Recharge® 28 day Online Nutrition Programme
+8 weekly group ZOOM calls

This package includes the complete 28 day online programme as well as 8 weekly group zoom calls at 12.30pm (GMT) every Wednesday with myself, Dominique Ludwig.

These zoom calls will help you to keep you on track, but also give you the unique opportunity to ask Dominique anything about the programme or any burning questions about nutrition to deepen your knowledge and understanding.


Personalised  coaching with
Dominique Ludwig including 7
individual appointments.
Tailored to you, your body
and your lifestyle.

Renew Reset Recharge®
Completely personalised to your health and lifestyle

This is a completely tailored approach where I take you by the hand and lead you through the programme.

You will receive 7 personalised appointments, which will be adapted to your needs every step of the way.

I also work through any current health concerns to make your experience truly transformative. Please book a free discovery call/ contact me to find out more.

Weight Loss

If want to lose weight but don’t what to feel hungry or restricted, this programme is  for you and is all about abundance. It’s not a diet….it is a lifestyle. Once you learn the principles of eating this way, it becomes easy to lose weight and maintain your weight.

Improve your health

Metabolic Flexibility – The programme is designed to reactivate your fat burning potential so that your energy and appetite are more balanced. It is a fantastic blood sugar balancing programme that helps you to re-energise you and stop cravings in their tracks.

Food Freedom

The goal is to give you food freedom and the feeling that you can eat whatever you want. Renew Reset Recharge® has an abundance of everyday natural foods, showing you that eating healthily is also delicious! You will eat a diverse range of foods so that you will never get bored.


I demystify the confusion around food and health, giving you easy to follow, simple and practical advice to improve your health long-term.


This is not a FAD! This is based on the latest nutritional research combined with 16 years of clinic know-how.


Because Renew Reset Recharge® is educational, you become your own nutrition expert which gives you the confidence you need to continue the principles beyond the 28 days. Renew Reset Recharge® is a complete toolkit that you get to keep for life!

Start anytime.

You can start the programme anytime. If you choose the zoom coaching, this take place every week regardless, with everyone being at different stages.

Renew Reset Recharge® is based on 6 major Principles:

1. Amounts
Learn how much food is right for you.

Amounts. You are given the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your body.  This means that when we lose weight, we are more likely to lose body fat. It also ensures that we eat enough vegetables too!

2. Proportions
Eating our macronutrients in the correct ratios.

Renew Reset Recharge®  encourages us to eat our food in the correct proportions. This supports a more efficient metabolism where foods fills us up for longer and helps keep our energy levels and appetite stable.

3. Food Quality
Eating foods that are natural, nutrient rich and colourful.

The food on Renew Reset Recharge® is of high nutritional quality as well as being nutrient dense. There are no processed foods or added sugars on the programme, just a diversity of healthy, natural everyday foods .


4. Intermittent Fasting
 Metabolic flexibility to support optimal fat burn.

When we focus on moderate intermittent fasting a number of changes happen in our body. We encourage metabolic flexibility so that we can easily switch between burning glucose from food to fat from the fat stores beween meals. 

5. Eating Order
To stabilise blood glucose and keep energy levels stable.

Eating our foods in the correct order helps to further flatten glucose spikes after meals. This can help to reduce feelings of hunger and tiredness, and may help to reduce fat storage!

6. Blood Sugar Control
Easier weight loss, balanced appetite, more energy.

The meals are carefully balanced to reduce roller-coaster blood sugars.

This balance underpins all of the foundations on the Renew Reset Recharge® programme.

What is Renew Reset Recharge®?

Are you tired of dieting, only to put the weight straight back on again (and then some)?

Do you want to transform your body, your lifestyle and your health FOREVER?

Renew Reset Recharge® is transformational eating plan that will change your life, help you lose weight, and revolutionise the way you eat forever!

This unique nutrition and weight loss plan that is already an established programme. It has been based on six nutritional foundations combined with 17 years of clinic know-how. Hundreds of people have already taken part in the programme, globally.

I designed this programme by listening to what my clients really wanted from a nutrition programme. A plan that was super-healthy, easy to follow, in-line with current research, simple yet gaves people lasting results. My clients wanted a programme that was sustainable and one where they never felt deprived.

To top it all, my clients described feeling overwhelmed with all the nutrition and diet advice available to them.

Renew Rest Recharge® is a completely DIFFERENT approach that taps into the unique way we are designed to eat as human beings. This programme is about LIFESTYLE and shifting our eating habits, not just about losing weight. Diets are something you go on for a short amount of time to lose weight, only to go back to normal afterwards. This is why diets are mostly unsuccessful: they often fail to change the way we think about food, leading to the vicious cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain.

Renew Reset Recharge® gives you a complete toolkit for life which will change the way you think about food, shop, and eat for the rest of your life. This programme slowly starts to relax the principles as you go through the plan, so that you naturally start turning Renew Reset Recharge® into a way of life. This is what sets it apart from other programmes: it offers long term success and ultimate FOOD FREEDOM.

Renew Reset Recharge contains over 30 Ebooks, nutrition documents, recipe ebooks and factsheets to help you with the programme.

A selection of our 5 STAR reviews


Dominique devised a personalised nutrition programme with supplements, specifically for my health. I truly could not recommend Dominique more highly and am so grateful to her. Dominique is lovely, funny as well as being a very talented nutritionist who puts her all into helping you. I have gained control over my life and my eating habits. As a result my confidence and happiness have massively increased too.


“My sessions with Dominique have proved invaluable and I knew for a fact, that I was in good hands. I wish I had been to see her year’s ago. Dominique is such a knowledgable nutritionist with so many years of experience. I knew I could trust her implicitly with my health.”


“RRR has become a way of life for me. I am a live to eat person & it’s such a relief to have found a way to eat delicious food and maintain my weight. My gut really appreciates the changes I have made with Dominique’s help and I am much happier with my new self.”

Sheila White

“If you are fed up with bullshit diets, stubborn belly fat and yo-yo weight loss and weight gain – consider this plan! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Anna, Surrey

“I can highly recommend Dominique’s Renew Reset Recharge programme. It’s packed full of information, advice, recipes and support. It’s easy to follow. I wish all GP’s / hospitals / education had access to this, to help heal people from the inside and to take preventative measures by investing in their health. It’s improved my brain fog, aches and pains, inflammation, itching and I’ve lost weight. This is my new forever way of nourishing myself (and my husband)!”

Rosalyn Olson

I started the RRR programme as I felt that I wasn’t eating the right things for my body and constantly felt not quite ‘well’. I also hoped to lose the lockdown weight that had crept on.
The programme has exceeded my expectations, unlike any diet that I have followed in the past, I haven’t felt denied or obsessed with the next meal, instead I have changed my approach to food. Zoom call support has been great. I have lost weight without feeling hungry, instead I have more energy and feel better. I am going to maintain the RRR principles to lose the last few pounds and will continue to enjoy the delicious recipes going forward, my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!

Jane Humphries

Rated 5 out of 5

Dominique’s Instagram posts kept catching my eye, so I gave her Renew Reset Recharge programme a go. The results have been quite remarkable – I have lost 7kgs (over a stone) in a month. That alone is fabulous, but more importantly, I have learnt what I need to put into my body to make it work well. My concentration and energy have increased in inverse proportion to my weight and waist. I quickly started to look forward to new recipes and meal ideas, and enjoy foods that I had previously thought of as rather wacky. I genuinely believe that this way of eating has become a way of life for me. Thank you for all your support and ideas, Dominique!

Amanda, Surrey

“I feel new! I feel set for the future! And, I feel in charge! The Renew Reset Recharge course has given me the tools to make fantastic positive changes to my health and wellbeing. At 56, I was struggling with a number of niggling health issues – the worst of which was that I was teetering on the edge of Type II Diabetes! I now feel so much improvement and no longer experience the awful lethargy of a high carb diet. It’s like my taste buds have been reset too. I lost 15lbs in 28 days – WOW! I am now more energetic. The horrible brain fog feeling has completely disappeared. My sleep feels more restorative. My concentration is improved, and, the morning joint stiffness is gone. This is a glowing review – because, I couldn’t be happier that I did this. I intend to keep this plan part of my daily life. I know I can now have little ‘extras’ but the way forward is with Renew Reset Recharge at the core of all my meals. PS: the recipes are so good!”

Adrienne Copeland

“I have been following this lifestyle changing food programme for 2 weeks now, I feel completely energised, and realise that I actually LOVE the science behind this system, I find my relationship with food now to be a voyage of delicious discovery. I have not had my lunch time energy dip since DAY 1!!! PLUS I am losing weight without realising. Thank you Dominique”

Sophie Martinez

“This is an easy to follow, energising and effective programme that helped me regain my lost energy levels and lose the weight I needed (7Kg in 28 days). I highly recommend Dominique’s nutrition expert advice.”

Taina, London

 Why is it different?

• Easy-to-follow principles based on 28 years of nutrition expertise
• Over 70 nutritious recipes so you never feel hungry
• Personalised amounts of food to help you lose weight easily
• Moderate intermittent fasting to help you maintain your weight effortlessly
• Inspiring Ebooks, educational factsheets, videos, meal planners, and recipes to encourage
• New material, straight to you inbox, every week
• Weekly ZOOM nutrition clinics with Dominique to answer any of your questions
• You can go at your own pace and keep all the material
• It can work around your families or partners, at work, or home office


Renew your body. Renew the way you look at food. Renew the way you feel. This programme is designed to help reach your ideal weight, change the way you eat forever, and improve the way you feel every single day.


Reset your Body: The aim of Renew Reset Recharge® is to reset your blood sugars, your metabolism, your ability to burn body fat, your hormones, and your digestion. Months or even years eating a standard Western diet, stress, too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, or refined carbohydrates can upset our natural balance of hormones, digestion, neurotransmitters, and even our immune system.


Recharge your body. Eating a diversity of nutrient dense foods can help to maximise energy levels, immunity, sleep, and mood. This is because eating in a way that supports the body’s natural energy metabolism can help to increase energy levels. Eating the right foods can stop us feeling hungry and reduces the need to snack. By retraining the body to search for and use  its own body fat for energy, we can regulate our energy levels throughout the day.

Is it right for you?

The Renew Reset Recharge® Programme is suitable for just about anyone who is interested in improving their health now and wanting to protect their body for the future. See the FAQ for more details.

This programme works especially well for weight loss, and because it contains natural, healthy foods, most people lost weight quickly and easily, especially in the first few weeks. This can really help motivate people to continue! I do not count calories or use a point-based system, instead I show you which foods your body needs at each meal. My goal is to teach you how your body works and to educate you, so that you become the expert of your own body. If you don’t want to lose weight that’s fine, you can adapt your meal plan accordingly.

You may wish to try Renew Reset Recharge Programme® for one or more of the following:

• To help lose weight (body fat) sustainably and permanently

• To help improve your overall well-being and press the RESET button on your health

• To help with hormone balance

• To help manage insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes naturally

• To bring structure and food freedom into your diet

• To help improve your digestion

Renew Reset Recharge® dovetails Dominque’s deep knowledge and expertise in evidence-based medicine with more than 16 years’ clinical practice. This innovative nutrition programme has been designed to help you Renew your body, Reset and rebalance your blood sugars, and Recharge your energy levels with a nutrient rich diet.

“I love the fact that Dominique gives different food allowances depending on your body weight – and because she explains the science behind things it is much easier to stick to. Renew, Reset, Recharge works and you will soon feel amazing, clear headed and full of energy.”

Sheila, Chichester

 “Dominique has done an amazing job of breaking down a complex programme into something so simple. I have lost 8 lbs so far and feel like I have so much more energy. Such a simple programme with a massive impact that will set you up for the life. I cannot thank you enough.”

Gemma, Wales

“AMAZING!! Love the programme! All the recipes have been delicious and super easy to follow. I feel like I have so much more energy than before. I would defiantly recommend Renew Reset Recharge to anyone who is struggling with their weight and wanting help with nutrition. This is by far the best plan I have followed”

Holly, Chichester

“I feel NEW!
I feel set for the future!
I feel in charge.
Renew Reset Recharge® has given me all the tools I need for my health and wellbeing

Adrienne, Ireland

This programme is different! I have tried every diet under the sun and this isn’t just a diet but a new way of living. Dominique explains the science really well, the recipes are delicious and easy to prepare and so far I have lost 10kgs without any effort or ever going hungry. Absolutely life changing and worth every penny.”

Sophia, Munich