Renew, Reset, Recharge



Renew your body. If you work with me I will tailor you plan to you. Your programme will fit your needs and takes into account your body, your current health, your individual requirements and your lifestyle.  Most plans use some degree of intermittent fasting to allow the body to repair and regenerate more effectively. But don’t worry, you won’t go hungry! This simply means leaving enough time between our last meal and breakfast to allow this to happen. Mostly you will have 3 meals daily, but sometimes you will eat breakfast much later or may have the odd day with just 2 meals a day.

Nearly all of the cells in our body are continually being replaced and renewed. Whether skin cells, immune cells or blood cells, this turnover requires energy and a constant supply of nutrients. This means we are constantly breaking down our tissue and rebuilding it on a very regular basis.

According to most scientists, the gut lining replaces itself completely every 4-7 days. These cells are vital in controlling which substances can cross across the gut wall and into the blood stream.  Having a strong barrier is vital! A strong barrier can have a dramatic effect on how we feel and in the way our body responds to inflammation, skin problems and even mood.

Our skin starts to repair and glow when we eat nutrient rich food and shun the processed foods that we see in every supermarkets, fast food outlets and service stations!