Renew Reset Recharge®

Reset: Push the reset button!


Reset your Body: Renew Reset Recharge is designed to rebalance your body. Months or even years eating a standard Western diet, stress, too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt or refined carbohydrates can upset our natural balance of hormones, digestion, neurotransmitters and even our immune system. Eating a diet rich in fibre and plants, medium protein, healthy fats and wholegrains can help to re-establish balance and stability in our blood sugar balance and energy control as well as helping us find our ideal weight.

Reset your metabolism

A calorie is not always a calorie. Calories in versus calories out is an old fashioned approach. Energy from real, nutrient dense foods behaves very differently in the body than calories from sugary, processed or refined foods! These foods contain calories, but lack nutrient density and fibre. 

What are processed and ultra-processed foods? These are any foods that have been processed in some way. Sometimes processed foods are so ubiquitous that we do not even notice that they are in fact a processed food.  Most packaged bread, breakfast cereals, snacks, instant noodles, chips and soft drinks are all classed as ultra-processed, yet many of us eat them every day. 

Nutrients are essential and help us actually USE the energy that we are eating. If your body is nourished it can work even more efficiently. This means that you can often eat MORE food than before on my plans and still lose weight.

Reset your Gut Microbiome.

 Over time our body and gut microbes can also become out of balance. This can mean that we may be less good at burning body fat, keeping our hormones and neurotransmitters in balance, we may suffer with poor digestion or even an overactive immune system. The good news is that when we start eating a microbe friendly diet, the microbes in our guts have been shown to change and evolve. This could mean less bloating, less wind and improved digestion.