Renew, Reset, Recharge

The Food

You will initially be given a 7 day eating plan at the start of your programme, however I will encourage you to make up your own food plans confidently as you get used to the programme. 

I will give you enough recipes so that you can choose a different breakfast every day to avoid you getting bored. The recipes are enjoyable, easy, nutritious and appealing to help keep you motivated and get the most out of your programme.

You will receive tips to help the programme work for you such as how to prepare in advance, what to take for a packed lunch or how to manage your programme when time is short as well as how to make the meals work for the whole family. 

If you don’t like a certain food, have a food allergy or intolerance; or if you follow a particular diet already (such as pescatarian pegan or vegetarian), I will adapt the programme for you. As a nutritional therapist, I am also able to help you identify any food triggers that may be affecting your health and will take your health, current symptoms or existing conditions into account when preparing your programme.