Renew, Reset, Recharge

Weight Loss

The most important thing is that weight loss should be sustainable. Renew Reset Recharge® aims to help you lose extra body fat and then maintain your weight more easily.  Renew Reset Recharge® aims to help you make the right choices more easily, reduce your cravings and also teaches you the science behind the food we eat.  People are generally more motivated and more successful when they understand why they are being asked to eat certain foods or how these foods behave in the body. 

You are supported throughout the programme (and beyond if you would like) to ensure you receive the correct support to help keep you motivated and on track. 

Bio-impedance Scales 

I use InBody or Tanita Body Composition Analysis to track and monitor your progress. Your percentage body fat, lean muscle mass, visceral fat, BMI and body water will be measured and compared at each appointment to monitor your process.