“I have wanted to do this course for a while now and I was so pleased when Dominique launched the 28 day online programme. I have a job that keeps me extremely busy so I felt it was easier to go at my pace using this programme. I have tried various diets in the past which has worked for a few months then slowly but surely the weight has crept up again. Dominique has done a great job, its AMAZING! It’s such a simple programme, yet it has a massive impact. I really feel like I am not on a diet.  It’s made me obsessed with eating vegetables, I even have my husband eating cauliflower rice which I never thought would happen. I have lost 8 lbs so far and feel like I have so much more energy and feel more inspired to cook healthy food. I can’t thank you enough Dominique, this programme will set you up for life rather than just a few months.”

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