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Dominique Ludwig -Nutritionist

What do Nutritionists do?

I am a Nutritionist, MSc working in the South East and am also a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist.

As a Nutritionist, I have been trained clinically to help you get the root cause of your health problems using a functional medicine approach. If you feel like you need a health MOT or have a health condition you would like to understand better, then seeing a qualified nutritionist might be a good starting point and could help you reach your goals faster.

Nutritional therapy is now recognised as being beneficial for a number of different health conditions, including all the conditions below.

I am proudly listed as one of the top 15 nutritionists according to the popular instagram site (59K followers) and website The Midult


If you’re looking for a quick-fix, Dominique isn’t for you. “I’m not interested in helping you change your life for 2 weeks, I want to help you make changes that will stick. To nudge you towards a better way of living.” She’s great at digging down to make it possible for you to do x, y and z because she knows if she doesn’t, you WILL find ways not to do it. Even if it’s just giving you twenty amazing breakfast options. She’s been working in nutrition since she was 21 so she’s a wise thing.

“Women often put themselves at the back of the queue and they reward themselves with food more than men. But I always say, even if you mess up, it’s fine. You’re only ever one meal away from being healthy again.” She’ll see anybody unless it’s very specialist like oncology. We love the sound of her ‘reset’ programme, which helps people lose weight. ‘It’s like pushing a giant reset button for your weight.’ Dominique worked in Germany for 11 years, which she thanks for her straight-talking style. “It taught me to be prescriptive.” None of this, ‘It would help if you cut down on…’ No, that way you’re giving people a get-out clause. Instead, Dominique will say: “You can have coffee but only between meals.” I want to get results, she says firmly.

They are not so naughty… but oh, so nice

I can’t think of many cookbooks that don’t have a sweet or desserts section! Sweet foods and simple carbohydrates light up the pleasure centres in our brains. All of these recipes work on the principle that we can still enjoy some sweet foods, but in smaller amount

Renew Reset Recharge®

Renew Reset Recharge is my very own nutrition and food programme that helps you find your balance, lose weight and feel healthier, happier and more in control of your diet. I designed this programme by listening to what my clients really wanted from a nutrition programme. A plan that was super-healthy, easy to follow, in-line with current research and gave people the results they were looking for. Most importantly, people wanted a programme that was sustainable long term and one where they never felt deprived.

So many people told me that they felt tired, bloated and overweight, or that they had digestive issues, hormones that are out of balance or suffered from poor sleep. To top it all, they describe feeling overwhelmed with all the nutrition and diet advice available to them. 

Renew Reset Recharge is a completely different approach that taps into the unique way we are designed to eat. It has been created to help you feel amazing, balanced, energised, rejuvenated and refreshed! Weight loss works best when we are well nourished and not hungry and this programme makes weight loss easy and maintaining weight simple. 

This programme is about shifting our eating habits and is not just about losing weight!  In fact, many of my clients choose to adopt this programme to rebalance their body or tackle an existing health problem and not to lose weight at all. Diets are something you go on for a short amount of time to lose weight, only to go back to normal afterwards. This is why diets are mostly unsuccessful. They often fail to change the way we think about food, leading to the vicious cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain.

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