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  • Accredited Nutritionist MSc and Nutritional Therapist mBANT with 30 years’ experience
  • Triple award-winning Nutritionist
  • Dominique has seen over 1000 clients worldwide
  • Specialist in DNA nutrigenomics
  • High profile and A-list clients
  • Voted one of the TOP 15 Nutritionists in the UK
  • Never less than 5 star reviews ***** Renew Reset Recharge®

Transform your health and CHANGE the way you eat forever!

My Philosophy

I want to change the way we think about food and create a world where everyone has the knowledge and power to improve their health through food.

I aim to help people live healthier lives now, to live life to the full, and look forward to the best future possible.

Fact not fiction, no-nonsense nutrition programmes.

I'm Dominique

I am a qualified Nutritionist MSc and registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT offering you sensible nutrition programmes to improve your health.

I offer 1:1 personalised nutrition consultations, wherever you are in the world, in person or from my virtual clinic.

I am also the founder of 2 signature nutrition programmes,
Food Freedom™ and Renew Reset Recharge®. I created these programmes to help transform your health and your relationship with food forever. These programmes are available online, coached or personalised.

I have won 2 awards for my work. Most Innovative & Influential Nutritionist 2022 and Most Outstanding Nutrition Programme 2023 (UK): Renew Reset Recharge®.

I am a regular in national magazines and newspapers, and share regular nutrition advice and recipes on Instagram.

If you have been thinking about seeing a
nutritionist for a are in safe hands.

We are all different and you are UNIQUE, so why would I want to treat everyone just the same?

I use a 360° personalised approach to look at your health from every angle. Rather than just focusing on one area, I piece your healthcare together, treating you as an individual to create bespoke, science based nutrition programmes that are easy to follow and just make sense!

My objective is to understand your health and listen to your concerns. I work with many health conditions, including gut health, hormone health, type 2 diabetes and weight management, giving you expert advice that you can trust.

Discovery Calls - Let's Talk

It is only natural to have lots of questions before working with a nutritional therapist who specialises in your personalised nutrition, so please reach out! It’s a chance for you to ask your questions and be sure that we are a good fit.

Your complimentary discovery call is just that – completely FREE. The goal is to set out a way that we can work together to help you reach your health goals, whatever they may be.

Book a discovery call if:

• You have one or more health conditions that you would like me to work through with you.
• You have a question about Renew Reset Recharge® or want to know if it is right for you.
• You want to streamline your current diet or supplements

• You want to lose weight sustainably and permanently.

• You are interested in learning more about your health and diet genetics

I will give you honest advice and can recommended my next steps, should you choose to work with me.


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  • Henrietta Abel Smith

    Better than any cookbook, this has all the advice needed for healthy and balanced plant-based living. The recipes are easy and delicious and actually quite exciting, unlike so many boring vegan recipes. This has helped me move into a more plant-focused diet with ease.


    This program is different! I have tried every diet under the sun and this isn’t just a diet but a new way of living. Dominique explains the science really well, the recipes are super delicious and easy to prepare and so far I have lost 10kgs without any effort or ever going hungry. Absolutely life-changing and worth every penny.


    Renew Reset Recharge is such as great new programme. The new recipes and information have been so helpful.


    So much more energy!! The programme is easy, handouts high quality and I can easily adapt recipes for my family! Also I have found the zoom meetings very helpful, keeping everything on track – a really great few weeks, thanks Dom!!

    Sarah McCulloch

    I love this programme. Dominique gives you the science and the knowledge as to why it is important to eat this way and this makes it so much easier to follow, as it makes sense. The recipes are delicious and inspiring as well as straight forward. You get a lot of information for your money as well as a lot of support and weekly zoom calls. I actually feel really excited about following this programme as it feels like something I want to do as opposed to should do. My aim is to lose weight, and so far Im right on track having already lost weight. I would highly recommend this programme, I wish I had known about it sooner!

    Dee Baird

    Renew Reset Recharge® is a fantastic programme! You don’t think of yourself to be on a diet, as you aren’t denied volume of food. The amount you can eat is really surprising, and it’s totally dependant on your height & weight, so totally unique to you. I’ve just come to the end of the 28 days, and I’m full up at the end of each meal, I feel healthy, have developed some great habits, which I feel confident that I can keep up into everyday life! Dominique offers great support, and provides you with so much science and information, that you can’t help but make the right choices!! Thanks Dominique!!

    Sarah King

    I love this programme. Renew Reset Recharge® has so many delicious recipes. I have been following the programme for nearly 6 weeks with great results for losing a few lbs and it has given me so much more energy. Dominique guides you all the way with masses of tips and zoom calls once a week. I have totally changed my way of eating and will not go back. RRR is definitely life changing thank you Dominique.

    Ruby Frazer-Dalby

    This programme is amazing; it’s extremely accessible, easy to follow and the results are incredible. I feel much healthier and my energy levels and focus have transformed since following it. The recipes are so delicious and healthy – and keep you full for so much longer. I also love all the info that comes with the programme – the combination of info with the recipes works so well. I think best of all is that it is completely sustainable – more a way of life that the programme guides you toward without having to worry about any restrictive/yo-yo diet issues. I’d actively recommend to anyone who wants to feel amazing. And to anyone looking to get into good shape by making positive, healthy and long-term changes rather than fad/restrictive diets (the weight falls off effortlessly, and my skin has improved too!)

    Sophie Barrington

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the RRR programme. I’ve always thought that I had a healthy diet, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, opting for low-fat options in the supermarket and using 1 cal cooking sprays. Yet, I seemed to find myself often hungry, tired, bloated, and demotivated. The RRR programme has completely changed the way I think and interact with food. I have a new understanding of the proportions of food groups that should be on each plate I eat. A diet rich in proteins, healthy fats and oils and vegetables has left me feeling full and energised. Understanding the science behind each food group is not only interesting but has really helped me to avoid foods that are not good for my body and make healthy choices. The recipes provided by Dominique are delicious but what I love most is the encouragement and flexibility to use this programme in your own cooking. I’m now adapting some of my favourite recipes to give them an RRR twist! I honestly feel fantastic, I’ve lost 2 Kg and I genuinely wasn’t even trying to! It’s such an easy set of principles to incorporate into everyday life. Cooking and food shopping has become so much more fun! I’d like to sit a huge thank you to Dominique who is so supportive, passionate, and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend RRR enough!


    As a vegetarian and a coeliac, I have always struggled not to eat repetitively. Renew, reset recharge helped me to curb this habit with new and exciting meals. I am not a keen cook, so the ease of preparing and cooking nutritious and balanced recipes suited my lifestyle. Dom’s knowledge and advice during zoom calls was an added bonus so many tips and tricks to keep me motivated during the program and beyond!

    What is Renew Reset Recharge®?

    Are you tired of dieting, only to put the weight straight back on again (and then some)?

    Do you want to transform your body, your lifestyle and your health FOREVER?

    Working with me is as easy as 1, 2, 3


    The original ONLINE 28 day programme
    find out more


    The COACHED + programme
    with 8 weekly ZOOM calls
    find out more


    Nutrition Consultations
    discovery call

    Renew Reset Recharge® 28-day online programme. This is an online programme designed to RENEW your health, RESET your metabolism, and RECHARGE your body. It is designed to TRANSFORM your wellbeing and help you lose weight easily, improve your energy levels, restore hormone balance, and improve digestion.

    Renew Reset Recharge® is a nutrition course, weight loss and lifestyle programme all rolled into one. All the information from the Renew Reset Recharge® programme is included in this package and is a self-directed option.

    Coached + This includes group coaching to accompany Renew Reset Recharge® with 8 group zoom calls with myself EVERY Wednesday at 12.30pm (GMT) to keep you on track. Join other committed RRR Zoomers benefiting from my personalised nutrition advice every week and learning from each other.

    Power Up. Why not choose an optional POWER HOUR?

    This is a single, personalised nutrition consultation which is only available as an ADD-ON once you have purchased the online Renew Reset Recharge® programme or Renew Reset Recharge® Coached + programme.

    Renew Reset Recharge® is a self-contained programme. This add on allows me to give personalised advice. In the power hour I take a deeper look at your current health, lifestyle and diet and tailor the programme to your unique needs. I will also put together a specialist supplement programme for you to follow (on request) with a short report.

    One 2 One Renew Reset Recharge®.

    This service is a completely hand-held series of consultations. I will assess your nutritional requirements and completely personalise the Renew Reset Recharge® experience to you every step of the way. There is no falling off the wagon as I am always there to gently nudge you back on track and help you to reach your goals.

    After 7 individualised appointments you will feel confident with your food choices, discover food freedom and will find that eating healthily for your unique biology is effortless. It’s unique, because so are you.

    Renew Reset Recharge

    Renew Reset Recharge® contains over 30 Ebooks, nutrition documents, recipe Ebooks and factsheets to help you with the programme.


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