Corporate Nutrition

I offer nutrition talks, interactive presentations and wellness days for business to share my nutrition knowledge within the workspace. These events can be targeted for an organisation and offer plenty of simple and practical advice to improve health, diet and lifestyle. They presentations can be live or virtual. 

Personalised Renew Reset Recharge® Nutrition Consultations

Many people feel that they are more successful at making lasting changes to their diet with a completely personalised approach. I take you by the hand and lead you through the programme and am beside you every step of the way.

If you are interested in personalised nutrition, please contact me direct or book a free 30 minute discovery call with me. This way, I can answer many of your questions and it give us a chance to ‘meet’ before we work together.


In her enlightening way, Dominique was able to make an instant difference to our lives! She was able to demystify much of the confusion surrounding food and health, giving us clear cut advice. She was engaging, approachable and down to earth with an astonishing depth of knowledge throughout. The tone of the talk was pitched perfectly, and her presentation was supported by the latest nutritional science.
Dominique took a complicated topic and was able to break it down in easy to follow, simple and practical advice for our law firm. She even gave us advice on exactly which foods to choose from our selection of local eateries which was extremely helpful! With surprisingly gentle but effective changes to our daily routine, many of us were able to make sustainable and long-term changes to our diet and lifestyle.  We look forward to having her back in the future

Dan Flint
Director of Human Resources
Simmons & Simmons

Dominique joined one of your team meetings to talk about nutrition and how it impacts our daily lives, both at work and at home. Dominique was approachable, informative, dynamic and engaging with our team. Her depth of knowledge is second to none and makes sense, encouraging us to all make small changes that really can make a difference.It made such as positive impact on us that we now discuss and share her recipes together as a team! We would love to have her back to another team event so that she ca continue to share her depth of knowledge and positive energy with our colleagues.

A Beazley
Jaguar Land Rover