Corporate nutrition

Tailored nutrition seminars with your business at the heart.

Corporate Nutrition Consultations

I offer nutrition talks, interactive presentations, and wellness events for businesses, to share my knowledge of nutrition within the workspace.

Companies may choose a more general nutrition talk to start, but this can easily become an ongoing series of talks to tackle company-specific health issues, such as stress, winter sickness, boosting energy, or even menopause.

These events usually ignite a new wave of awareness, leading to improved eating habits, camaraderie, and even recipe exchanges between colleagues.

These events can be targeted to a specific organisation and include a combination of nutritional science alongside simple and practical advice to improve health, diet, and lifestyle. The presentations can be live or virtual.

I also offer licences to company healthcare schemes for my award-winning Renew Reset Recharge® nutrition and lifestyle programme. This can be offered to employees as an online or coached programme.

I put your company at the heart of the talk and tailor it to the unique needs of your workforce to make sure that your employees get the most out of the presentation.

I like to consider the lifestyle of employees and even the eating establishments around the office location to ensure that my advice is both informative and actionable.

Talk Themes:

Nutrition made easy – Say goodbye to the afternoon slump and hello to productivity.
This talk cuts fact from fiction and offers evidence-based nutrition advice to improve wellbeing, increase energy and boost productivity in the workplace. Simple and practical advice with actionable tips for eating well at the office as well as at home.

  • Nutrition and Stress. Building resilience through positive nutrition. This talk offers actionable nutrition advice to support energy, recovery, immunity, and overall resilience to stress. This talk tackles common mistakes, such as relying on caffeine and sugar to get through the day and instead focuses on our increased nutrient requirements and how simply eating the right proportions of macronutrients at meals can increase energy, improve sleep and even reduce anxiety.
  • Specific Nutrition talks available on topics such as Gut and Digestive Health (which can affect 10% of a workforce, Weight Management or Eating Well at Work.
  • Nutrition for Hormone Balance / Menopause. Supporting your staff’s hormone health and productivity. Did you know that the foods we eat can have a direct impact on our oestrogen levels? Eating a balanced and healthy diet, paying attention to certain foods and nutrients whilst avoiding certain foods can have a positive effect on the symptoms many women experience because of their monthly cycle or during perimenopause. Choosing certain foods and balancing blood sugars can hold the key to better hormone balance, better sleep, and fewer symptoms.Current statistics show that:
    • 75% of women suffer with menopausal symptoms.
    • 10% women suffer with endometriosis.
    • 5-10% of women suffer with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome).
    • Up to 75% women experience some degree of PMS.
    • Up to 90% women suffer with dysmennhorea (period pain).
  • Other talks are available on request.

 Each employee receives supplementary information, factsheets and recipes to support them after the presentation.

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