Before I came to see Dominique, I was suffering with a lot of IBS symtoms. After my first visit I started feeling so much better.

Dominique is passionate about her job and Nutritional Therapy.  With her knowledge of nutrition and love of cooking, she was able to put me on the right road to recovery and feeling so much better.  Her delicious recipes have become invaluable and a daily way of life for me now and I am very grateful to her.

Julia Slatter


I came to see Dominique for my 9 year old daughter. Dominique has answers straight away! Her plans are informative are easy to follow and she explained everything in great detail. My daughter is now growing and more importantly thriving again.



From my point of view your advice was the last piece of the puzzle. Vivi competed with less stress, more energy and with a faster recovery than anyone else on the team. She medalled in all of her divisions with 2 gold and 1 bronze.  

Andrew Nivan

German National Team Coach, Taekwan-Do

My 90 minute consultation and follow-up appointment with Dominique has proved to be life-changing. I lost 18kg and my aches and pains are all much improved. The two consultations with you were the start of the new me……a happier and healthier me!



I am delighted to have lost 6 Kg with Renew Reset Recharge in just 4 weeks and feel so much better for it. Im sleeping better and have more energy. I am planning to continue with the programme and hope to lose more weight to get my BMI under 30.

Caroline Witney-Lagen


Before I met you I was surviving, now I am living. You gave me back my life again and my visit was the best investment of my life.

Klaudia Furmenak

Dominique’s dietary advice has made a transformational difference to my ability to control diverticular disease and considerably increased my understanding of the effects certain foods have on the body. My only regret is it took me so long to make the appointment.”   


Dominique put me on a plan that turned my life around.  I saw results very quickly. I felt more energised,  lighter and have never looked back.

My cooking habits have changed, I’ve cut out sugar and caffeine and feel better for it. I have told so many people about Dominique and they have all said that their lives have been transformed. 

I would highly recommend Dominique, she is so knowledgeable, supportive and the results are amazing.


I completed the Metabolic Balance ® Programme. The whole experience was brilliant. Dominique is straight talking and relatable. I liked the structure and the discipline and Dominique was really motivating and found solutions so that I never got bored