Here is a list of the questions I have found I have been asked, most regularly, in my clinic. I hope that they answer some of your own enquiries.

Please feel free to contact me using the form at the foot of the page if you have any questions, that has not been covered regarding Renew Reset Recharge® .

Can I do the programme even if I don’t want to lose weight?

Yes, of course. Renew Reset Recharge® is a healthy eating programme. There are many health benefits of eating a health, balanced diet. Instead of using the amounts given as maximum amounts, you can use them as MINIMUM amounts. This means that you still eat around 250g vegetables per meal, but you can increase the protein portion if you like. You can also add nutritious extra’s to your plate, such as nuts and seeds, hummus, avocado, healthy dips and sauces as well as shavings of Parmesan! You can be more liberal with healthy oils, enjoy up to ¼ plate healthy carbs at each meal as well as having the odd treat.

Is Renew Reset Recharge® suitable for the whole family?

Yes! The recipes are almost all family friendly. The way Renew Reset Recharge® has been designed is that other family members can eat all the food on the programme, but can top it up with healthy extras such as more carbohydrates, healthy sauces and dressing as well as other healthy food and treats. Although I picture the meals without all the extra’s, other family members can add in a good portion of healthy carbs and do not need to weigh their portions. Renew Reset Recharge® is a healthy way of eating, and just a lifestyle so all the food is suitable for everyone. Obviously weight loss programmes or strict intermittent fasting is only suitable for healthy adults (see list for those who are excluded from the programme), so please take other people’s needs into account and read the terms and conditions.

What do I do if the beans and lentils are making me bloated?

m Beans and lentils contain a lot of fibre, but also some indigestible carbohydrates known as galactooligosaccharides or GOS for short.  We are not really meant to digest these as they are actually prebiotics or food for our microbes and may help to maintain diversity and overall numbers of bacteria in the gut.  Some people are very sensitive to GOS, especially if their gut microbiome is out of balance. 

If you go from eating virtually no legumes to a full portion this might cause issues as the body adjusts. Most people do adjust, but the key is to start slowly! Start by adding ¼ of a portion to some of your meals and ¾ portion of another protein. The chickpea and Halloumi recipes work well here.

Lentils and chickpeas are often the best tolerated initially. Since oligosaccharides are also water soluble so try rinsing your tinned chickpeas well before using, or soak your lentils before cooking in water with a dash or lemon juice of apple cider vinegar. Rinse thoroughly after soaking. You may be able to add these to your soups and other recipes, but if you are still sensitive try cooking the lentils in fresh water and then rinsing them again after cooking. Use in salads or recipes.  Edamame beans are fresh bean pods and are usually well tolerated in salads.

Why do I feel hungrier on some days than others?

We are all different and women also have hormonal differences each month that can affect appetite and cravings. The week before a monthly period is also a time when some women might feel they want to eat a little more carbohydrate than usual. 

If we have had a busy day the day before, or are having a busy or active day, our energy demands may also be higher. Renew Reset Recharge® is not about deprivation so try and understand why you are feeling hungrier or are craving more carbs. Be kind to yourself and add in some extra food if you feel it is appropriate.  Cravings usually go down over time and this is a long term lifestyle so daily adjustments are fine.

Will I be hungry on the programme?

It is normal to feel hungry in the first 3-5 days on the programme while you are getting used to moderate intermittent fasting as well as not snacking between meals. This normally reduces significantly after this and most people report not being hungry on the programme and that they have much less desire to snack.

Can I do the programme if I am gluten free?

Absolutely. It is really easy to follow the programme if you are gluten-free or coeliac. All the recipes on Renew Reset Recharge® are gluten-free, apart from occasional breakfast oats, which can be switched for gluten-free oats. I even have a fantastic and easy gluten free flaxseed roll recipe to help people who are gluten-free. You would simply use gluten-free carbohydrates such as sweet potato, quinoa, wholegrain or wild rice or gluten-free oat cakes rather than using any sourdough or rye.

Is Renew Reset Recharge® dairy free?

No, but you can adapt the recipes easily. The programme tends to prioritise sheep and goat dairy, which is generally considered less allergenic than cow’s milk. Dairy can be easily exchanged in recipes for plant milks, tofu instead of cheese as well as soya or coconut yogurt instead of quark or yogurt.  Mostly plant based milk alternatives are recommended.

Can I do the programme if I am vegetarian or plant based?

Yes. The recipes in the EBooks are flexitarian, but quite a lot are naturally plant based or vegetarian. I give advice on the meal planner about create balanced meals that are vegetarian, pescatarian and plant based. Renew Reset Recharge® is focused around proteins with plenty of vegetables. Cutting our food groups means that there is naturally less variety on the programme, but it is also focused on diversity! I am happy to help those who require any help with this at the weekly zoom meetings.  Also feel free to download my Plant Based Living Your Nutrition and Plant Based Living Recipes in the SHOP.

Is weight loss guaranteed?

There are no guarantees to how much weight a person loses while following the programme. However the majority lose weight easily when following the programme. Underlying health conditions or stress for example could affect the way in which someone loses weight.

I have a health issues and am not sure if I should start the programme?

Please talk to your GP or health care professional if you are in any doubt before starting the programme. Renew Reset Recharge® online is a general plan for people in good health. If you need a more guided approach, you could try my personalised plan with 5 individual appointments. Send me a message if you would like to find out more. During these appointments, I work as a registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT and completely tailor your programme to you functional nutrition approach to help you improve your health.