I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the RRR programme. I’ve always thought that I had a healthy diet, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, opting for low-fat options in the supermarket and using 1 cal cooking sprays. Yet, I seemed to find myself often hungry, tired, bloated, and demotivated. The RRR programme has completely changed the way I think and interact with food. I have a new understanding of the proportions of food groups that should be on each plate I eat. A diet rich in proteins, healthy fats and oils and vegetables has left me feeling full and energised. Understanding the science behind each food group is not only interesting but has really helped me to avoid foods that are not good for my body and make healthy choices. The recipes provided by Dominique are delicious but what I love most is the encouragement and flexibility to use this programme in your own cooking. I’m now adapting some of my favourite recipes to give them an RRR twist! I honestly feel fantastic, I’ve lost 2 Kg and I genuinely wasn’t even trying to! It’s such an easy set of principles to incorporate into everyday life. Cooking and food shopping has become so much more fun! I’d like to sit a huge thank you to Dominique who is so supportive, passionate, and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend RRR enough!

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