What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the science behind the food we eat and our health. We are all aware that many chronic health conditions have now been linked to our diet and lifestyle choices. 

Eating food is something that we all do each day, therefore it makes sense that if our diet is not as good as it could be,  or we are eating foods that are having a direct impact on our health, that we may unwittingly affect how we feel on a daily basis.

Nutritional therapists are trained clinically and have an enormous understanding of the human body, its biochemistry and its metabolic pathways as well as a multitude of conditions and diseases. Many nutritionists are also trained in the functional medicine approach, popular with many GPs in the UK and worldwide. Nutritional Therapy uses evidence based science to ensure your best possible care.

Nutritional Therapy can be helpful for individuals with chronic health conditions, as well as those looking to support or enhance their existing health and well-being. Each programme I give out is unique to YOU and is never a one-size-fits-all approach.

Many health conditions can improve significantly when the food we are eating supports our body and the specific biochemical pathways in the body. I use a combination of applied clinical nutrition and Functional Medicine when working with my clients to assess their individual needs and to understand what factors are affecting their health or specific health concern.