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I took a 15-minute walk after every meal for two weeks, and the results were impressive. Daniella Gray

After you eat it’s normal for blood sugar (glucose) levels to rise, due to carbohydrates and sugar being absorbed into the bloodstream. This could be from something like a bowl of pasta at dinner time, for example.

Your body releases a chemical, insulin, to bring your blood sugar levels down and ensure they’re on a more even kilter. But when your body releases a lot of insulin to deal with the increase in sugar or carbs, it can result in your blood sugar levels dipping too quickly, causing peaks and troughs throughout the day. 

“Walking helps to use up some of this ‘free’ glucose, which can lower the overall blood sugar spike created from your last meal,” says Dominique Ludwig, a nutritionist and nutritional therapist and weight management specialist. 

Dominique LudwigNutritionist and nutritional therapist

Dominique Ludwig is a nutritionist and nutritional therapist, who is also BANT, CNHC and AFMCP accredited. She specializes in female and digestive health, weight management, and DNA nutrigenetics, and is a member of the nutrition department of the Meyer Clinic in Chichester, UK.

“This is better for your metabolism and weight, as glucose can be used for fuel, rather than stored as body fat. There’s also some evidence that using your skeletal muscles after a meal, like going for a walk, the mitochondria (the powerhouse in your cells) may burn more glucose to fuel your muscles,” explains Ludwig. 

She adds that reducing blood sugar spikes is also important for sustaining energy levels and keeping you fuller for longer. “When your blood glucose stays within a tighter range, you’re less likely to fall prey to the blood sugar roller coaster, which can make you feel constantly hungry [or tired] and cause overeating.”

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Dominique Ludwig

Dominique Ludwig is a Nutritionist MSc and Nutritional Therapist who is also BANT and AFMCP accredited. Dominique works in personalised nutrition with most health conditions. Founder of the Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme Renew Reset Recharge. Dominique is also Head if Nutrition at Meyer Clinic Chichester. Dominique has an enviable list of worldwide clients from actresses, Popstars, athletes and entrepreneurs

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