Sheer Luxe – December 2023

Sheer Luxe featuring Dominique’s tips on how to stay healthy during the festive period

Make Simple Swaps

“We tend to eat differently at this time of year with more treats, puddings, festive drinks and canapes creeping into the diet. It’s fine to have the odd treat but make some clever swaps to limit the damage. Swap smoked salmon blinis for cucumber topped with sour cream, salmon and chives; swap pigs in blankets for prunes wrapped in Parma ham; swap creamy dips and crisps for fresh vegetable crudites with homemade hummus; and swap roasted nuts for crispy chickpeas.” – Dominique Ludwig, nutritionist 

Be Prepared When Travelling

“Don’t rely on petrol station or train food. Food flasks are a godsend for travelling. I love to make a thick lentil soup and throw in fried halloumi squares for extra protein and a pack of oatcakes for healthy carbs. Overnight oats, meanwhile, travel well in a recycled jam jar, while making your own sandwich with a wholegrain wrap or pitta bread will mean you don’t have to resort to unhealthy options.” – Dominique 

Time Your Sugar Intake

“If your office or home is filled with sweet treats, it’s far too easy to snack on them between meals for a quick pick-me-up, but once you start, it can be hard to stop. Plus, research shows eating sugary foods on an empty stomach can lead to greater blood sugar spikes. If you do want a sweet treat, eat it after, not before, a meal. A meal acts as an obstacle course in the stomach, which slows the speed at which we absorb glucose, so a sugary treat will have less of an impact.” – Dominique 

Supplement Wisely

“A vitamin D supplement is a must at this time of the year. Mingling with more people can spread germs, and vitamin D supports immunity, making it a wise seasonal choice. I rate BetterYou Vitamin D and K2.” – Dominique 


Dominique Ludwig

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