The Times July 3rd 2020

Lockdown Belly? How to lose weight and belly fat to shrink your waistline.


“Most of us eat more refined carbohydrates [white bread, pasta] than we need, and even more so during lockdown,” says Dominique Ludwig, a nutritionist. “When we eat a lot of these foods our blood-sugar levels struggle to return to normal between meals and our bodies embark on a constant rollercoaster of blood-sugar highs and lows. This has a huge effect on our health, hormone balance and weight.”

To bring this under control, Ludwig recommends regular mealtimes instead of grazing. Try to eat some protein at every meal because it helps to stabilise blood-sugar levels. Stick to wholegrain carbs, which sustain energy for longer. And don’t eat after 8pm. “That way the body has a chance to regenerate, burn fat and rebalance hormones while you sleep.”

Dominique Ludwig

Dominique Ludwig is a Nutritionist MSc and Nutritional Therapist who is also BANT and AFMCP accredited. Dominique works in personalised nutrition with most health conditions. Founder of the Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme Renew Reset Recharge. Dominique is also Head if Nutrition at Meyer Clinic Chichester. Dominique has an enviable list of worldwide clients from actresses, Popstars, athletes and entrepreneurs

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