Gluten Free Treacle Tart with Orange and Pistacio no-churn Ice Cream

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This recipe came about because I just haven’t seen a gluten-free version of this recipe, so I decided to change this!
Treacle tart is the comfort food with a 1970’s vibe and is associated with my childhood as my grandmother used to make it for us as children.
Obviously, this is not for every day, but as a bit of a treat on a cold. wintery day when you just fancy something really satisfying. I know I am a nutritionist, and I shouldn’t even entertain the idea of eating something deemed unhealthy, but I just wanted to break the mould with this one and show that I am still human and a little of what we fancy is actually good for us. And, honestly, there is nothing duller than a nutritionist who never has a treat! Just live right 80% of the time so that you can have the odd treat without it impacting on how you feel. Wheat tends to make me quite bloated, so I avoid it, which is why I have taken this to the next level by making it gluten-free.

Many bought ice creams are merely a concoction of skimmed milk, stabilisers, emulsifiers and flavourings. So while this is not one of my healthiest recipes, it is certainly an upgrade on many supermarket frozen ice creams. I also love middle eastern food, which is where I got the idea for an orange and pistachio undercurrent. Teaming the orange theme through into the treacle tart brings both desserts together,

The joy of this ice cream is that you don’t need an ice cream maker, you don’t have to keep stirring it while it freezes,  you don’t need to fold all the ingredients together, making it is super easy! It just gets whisked together, using one bowl.

Dominique Ludwig

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