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Renew, Reset and Recharge® your LIFE with this online Nutrition and Lifestyle programme. Created to improve the way you feel, help you lose weight easily, maintain your weight effortlessly, and change the way you think about food forever.

This package includes: ALL OF THE MATERIAL AND RECIPES from the Renew Reset Recharge® programme with full access for 1 year and you can keep the information forever.

PLUS – 4 weekly Live sessions with Dominique to ask any questions, keep you on track and meet others on the programme.


Double Award Winning programme as voted by


Global Health & Pharma Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2023 – Most Pioneering Weight Loss & Nutrition Programme 2023

LUXlife Magazine – Winner of the 2023 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards


Please see the FAQs page if you have questions

The complete Renew Reset Recharge® Start Anytime Programme is for you if you want to start straight away or in between the ‘It’s Better Together’ Groups!

The programme contains the following:

  • The complete Renew Reset Recharge® programme contains the following:
  • 4 weeks of original material on a specially designed programme platform
  • Downloadable factsheets, nutrition advice and supporting material
  • 4 weekly LIVE GROUP ZOOM CALLS with Dominique every Wednesday at 12.30pm GMT
  • 8 Beautifully photographed downloadable RECIPE eBooks
  • Bonus material, pre-recorded videos with Dominique Ludwig
  • Flexitarian programme can be adapted to vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten/ dairy free


Week 1


  • The complete Renew Reset Recharge® programme, written in a way that is easy to understand and follow
  • Why is Renew Reset Recharge® so successful
  • Your personal weights and measures
  • The principles of the programme
  • 5 beautifully photographed Recipe eBooks to give you creative ideas for:
    • Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners, Salads, Vegetable and Soups and Dressings
  • How to create your meals and freestyle you own recipes
  • What to eat and what to avoid
  • Why food order matters
  • A two-week meal planner to help get you started
  • Empty meal planners for you to fill out at home
  • Progress chart
  • Tips to navigate the programme
  • Your principles explained
  • MOTIVATION. Just in case you need it!
  • Help if you are dairy or gluten-free
  • Short videos


Week 2


  • NEW Bonus Recipe eBook
  • Check in – how are you feeling?
  • Nutrition Lesson: ‘Good Carbs vs No Carbs’
  • Intermittent fasting explained
  • The truth about snacking
  • It’s all about proportion  – Breakfasts
  • It’s all about proportion – Mains


Week 3


  • NEW Bonus Recipe eBook
  • New Meal planner
  • Superfoods video
  • Nutrition Lesson: ‘Fats and oils – how everything we know might be wrong!’
  • Fancy a night off?
  • The truth about sugar substitutes
  • Mindful Eating


Week 4


  • NEW Bonus Recipe eBook
  • Nutrition Lesson: ‘Understanding Proteins’
  • Calories and why we don’t count them – video
  • What does 100g look like?
  • Making Renew Reset Recharge® a way of life video
  • Making Renew Reset Recharge® a way of life eBook

I have health issues and I am not sure if I should start the programme?

Please talk to your GP or health care professional if you are in any doubt before starting the programme. This is extremely important as while I am a nutritionist, I do not know your medical history for this online programme. Renew Reset Recharge is an online programme and is a general plan for people in good health.


Please read the medical disclaimer carefully before purchasing.

This programme is a general GUIDE only and is not to be seen as medical advice or personalised nutrition in any way. By enrolling on the programme, you agree that you have fully accepted and understood  the Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing RRR program and the weekly Zoom which is so brilliant and helpful. Wonderful tips, recipes and advice.

  2. I’m thrilled with the results after completing the Renew Reset Recharge eating plan! Not only did I lose weight, but my overall health improved significantly. My blood pressure dropped, and emotionally, I feel like a different person. I no longer experience anger and irritability, but instead, feel a profound sense of balance and calm. The plan is easy to follow and incredibly effective. I feel energised and ready to take on the world. I highly recommend this plan to anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Thank you, Dominique, for giving me a new lease on life!

  3. Having eaten relatively healthy for years, following 5 a day principles, protein at lunch and dinner, healthy oils etc., but yet still not being able to lose fat that had built up from unhealthy snacking, I have been amazed at the results that I have seen through intermittent fasting. By adding an extra portion of veg at my main meals, eating fruit with these meals and adding protein to my breakfast my body is burning fat silently, easily. I enjoy cooking and RRR allows me to pick up any recipe and make it a fat loss meal.
    3/4 of a stone, glowing skin and healthy bowels in four weeks this program has changed my present and my future! Thankyou Dominique

  4. I have recently gone through a stressful period when I was doing a part-time MSc in whilst working full time. My job also requires that I work some nights and consequently I have gained 10kg in the last 3 years. Where I could normally loose the weight, at 43, this time my weight wouldn’t shift despite eating what I thought was a healthy vegetarian diet. I thought I wasn’t losing it because I had the perimenopause. On the first week and a half of your program I lost 4.5 kg. Not only did I loose the weight, my rosacea which has been flaring and not responding to my usual treatments, has subsided. Although the weight loss was my initial goal, I didn’t except the added bonus of how much better I felt overall. My mood is better, I am not hungry at work and I can do a 12 hour shift without crashing and resorting to biscuits and coffees to get me through the day. I love that your program takes the mental load out of weight loss . I don’t have to calorie count, or think if I am meeting my nutritional needs, because as long as I follow the program, I will loose weight and don’t feel hungry. Interestingly, my partner who is very active has been eating what I make but with his usual amounts of rice/carbs and coffees but without the snacks and he reports his weight has dropped below 80ste for the first time in years. So by proxy he lost some weight without trying because I told him snacking is stopping him from losing weight. Thank you so much for all your kind feedback on the meetings. It’s been lovely listening to everybody’s journey. 5 stars from me.

  5. I really enjoyed the RRR course and the Fibre Challenge! Dominique is so informative, sharing her knowledge and explaining the program well. I can highly recommend it to others.

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