Mushroom and Lentil Bolognese

This is a meat-free meal and has some great umami flavours which mean that you don’t even miss the meat. It is also surprisingly filling. You can of course keep it plant-based, but I like to top up the lentil protein with 20g grated Parmesan cheese per portion, but it’s your dish, so do as you wish.

I also like to add some Lea and Perrings sauce for some extra depth of flavour, but I have left this out of the ingredients list to keep it vegetarian. This is not a quick supper recipe, but it is great to make at the weekend with leftovers for the week. It is a bit of a faff and very unlike all my other throw-it-together style of cooking, but I think it is worth it and so much better than opting for fake meats options, which are mostly overprocessed and not that good for us.

For the full recipe CLICK HERE


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