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Veganuary and how to do it right!

I’ve  worked with many clientsin clinic managing their plant-based diets. From star-studded celebrities to the likes of you and me!

So, if you are thinking about doing Veganuary this year, here is some invaluable information that also comes  Nutritionist approved. You are welcome!

I have written 2 Ebooks to offer you – one with nutritional facts and one with recipes.

This is a unique plant-based nutrition Ebook to make sure that your transition to plant based is as healthy as possible so that you feel fantastic from day 1. find out:
????what foods are best to eat
????how to balance your meals
????which nutrients to supplement
????which nutrients to watch out for and where to find them
????expert review of omega 3‘s
????the truth about protein and even
????how your genetics might affect your nutrient requirements.

2) Perfectly Balaced Plant Based (Vegan) Recipes – CLICK HERE
Plant-based meals need to be balanced. But dont worry, I have done the balancing for you. This means meals need to have:
????Plenty of vegetables
????Healthy wholegrains
????Good sources of plant-based proteins
????Healthy fats

For a FREE sneak preview with information about vitamin B12 and vitamins D and some tips CLICK HERE

For the complete Plant Based Living Bundle which contains both the Ebooks as well as a BONUS Meal planner and Meal Builder CLICK HERE

Dominique Ludwig

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