The 5 Day Fibre Challenge

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Thank you for wanting to join my 5-day fibre challenge! Our aim is to eat at least 30g of fibre every day for 5 days and beyond (the recommended daily amount). Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it can be trickier than you think.

I decided to set up this challenge, firstly to make people aware of how much fibre we should actually be eating as part of a healthy diet, and also to teach you which foods contain the most fibre, so that you can make small changes to increase your fibre intake at each meal. For example, did you know that raspberries have almost 4 x more fibre than strawberries?

Rather than focusing on calories, a healthier approach is to focus on nutrients and fibre that support our health from the inside out. When we focus on fibre, we feel naturally full-up for longer, so that we make healthier choices throughout the day. Find out WHY fibre is so good for youand how you can make easy lifestyle changes to include more in your diet.

I’ve got some wonderful recipes to share with you which I hope will give you some inspiration for your own meals. As well as being fibre-rich, these recipes also fit the principles of my Renew Reset Recharge® Nutrition and Lifestyle programme.

Your pack contains:
– a 28-page Recipe E-book (full colour photography) containing delicious, healthy recipes that are also high in fibre
– a complete guide to nutrition and fibre, as well as food tables showing which foods contain the most fibre / 100g
– full explanation with daily charts and meal examples


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